2020 State by State Calling Restrictions

Convoso now has a quick reference guide to help outbound call centers stay in compliance with state restrictions on calling times.

The chart, courtesy of our friends at law firm Mac Murray & Shuster, shows specific calling restrictions for every state, including time and day restrictions, as well as holiday restrictions.


Why you need this quick reference chart.

In our second Work From Home Webinar, Keeping It Compliant: Legal Aspects of Running a Virtual Outbound Call Center, attorneys from MacMurray & Shuster shared legal tips for operating your remote call center. Here’s a clip from the summary.


State-by-State Compliance

Every state has different requirements. There are state-specific disclosures and restricted call times, days of the week, and specific holidays. For example, your dialer should not be making a call to anyone in Alabama on the first Monday in June because it’s Jefferson Davis Day. In some states, the agent needs to give their full name, or their address, while in others, they can’t rebuttal.

You want to be sure your dialer is up-to-date with all the rules. As an example, in response to Covid-19, New York now has rules restricting calls if you don’t have an existing business relationship.

“I can’t imagine how an agent can remember which disclosures to use, especially with changes going on all the time. At Convoso we implement smart scripting capability which, based on recognizing the state that the call is either coming from or going out to, displays the appropriate disclosures into the script.” —Nima Hakimi, CEO

Learn more about Convoso’s Dynamic Scripting feature.


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*Nothing in this document constitutes legal advice. You should consult an attorney for guidance on regulatory compliance.

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