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Introducing Convoso ClearCallerID™

Lower your CPA with Convoso’s new DID stats tracking tool and dial with more clean caller IDs

One of our customers’ biggest issues in outbound dialing is the rise of call blocking and call flagging. When your numbers are flagged or blocked, you have to dial even more leads to reach your goals. Your contact rate drops and your lead costs increase. Since data is one of the 3 biggest costs of running a call center, that means your cost per acquisition will skyrocket. There goes profitability.

Outbound sales and lead generation teams everywhere are confronting the same problem – it’s actually one of the top outbound call center trends.

That’s why Convoso developed a new tool to support our customers in their efforts to manage their Caller ID Reputation. Meet your new friend: ClearCallerID™. This feature represents a significant enhancement to our existing Caller ID Reputation Management capabilities.

With ClearCallerID™, Convoso customers now have even more tools to manage caller IDs and make sure their legitimate business phone numbers aren’t caught in the web of call flagging/blocking efforts targeting scammers and nefarious actors.

  • Monitor phone numbers automatically across the major telco carriers on a regular basis to see if they are flagged or blocked.
  • Detect 7+ flagged call categories from major carriers (including “Telemarketer,” “Scam Likely,” “Fraud risk,” and more). 
  • Identify DIDs that have been flagged by the FTC arising from customer complaints.
  • Determine which numbers have been flagged by call-blocking apps such as Truecaller and YouMail.
  • Understand the impact of flagged/blocked phone numbers on critical KPIs with advanced predictive analytics.
  • Swap out flagged and blocked numbers with new or rested DIDs.


Convoso Caller ID Reputation Management

With Convoso ClearCallerID™  customers see flagged and blocked phone numbers on their dashboard so they can quickly identify problems and take action to minimize the impact on critical KPIs, such as contact rates. The flagged and blocked phone numbers can be swapped out to ensure organizations are putting their best foot forward by dialing leads with clean phone numbers.

Managing your Caller ID Reputation means taking action on multiple fronts, using effective tools and strategies. Convoso can help your contact center dial smarter to prevent calls from being flagged or blocked in the first place. Our dialer can help you determine how many phone numbers you need in each area code to reduce the likelihood of those numbers being blocked. Convoso customers can also take advantage of Google Verified Calls, allowing them to provide a name, logo and a reason for calling to maximize the chance that leads will pick up the phone.


The Rise in Flagged/Blocked Calls in the United States

Since 2019, outbound contact centers have seen a major spike in their phone numbers being flagged or blocked. The wave of illegal robocalling activity in the United States has forced both regulators and carriers to take action to prevent illegal spoofing and robodialing. Due to safe harbor laws that allow telecommunications providers to broadly flag and block phone numbers, even if they are associated with legitimate businesses, many outbound contact centers find that their numbers are regularly flagged and blocked.

Outbound sales and lead generation teams need better tools to track and manage caller IDs if they’re going to combat the impact of call blocking and flagging.

Talk to your customer success manager to learn more about how Convoso ClearCallerID™ , the Caller ID Reputation statistics tracker, can make an impact on your outbound call center’s efficiency.


Not a Convoso customer?  We’d be happy to show you how ClearCallerID™ works and how our robust suite of tools powers our top performing dialer to significantly improve your call center’s productivity and profitability.  So, go ahead and request a demo today.
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