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Verified Calls by Google

About Convoso’s Verified Calls by Google Feature

When you place calls to consumers using Android devices, Verified Calls by Google lets you present your company name and logo. Verified Calls by Google will help call centers to improve their contact and connection rates. When the caller is automatically identified, more people are going to take the call. Consumers can recognize that the call is coming from a legitimate business and not a possible spam source.

One Step Further

Calls verified by Google will not only show the name and logo of the company calling, but will indicate the reason for the call.

By identifying the caller and the intent (eg, “Calling you back”, “Regarding your insurance coverage”), the consumer who answers the phone already has a degree of trust. Beginning a call with that kind of knowledge initiates a positive interaction that increases opportunities for lead conversion.

As compliance regulations continue to strengthen, call centers need to be vigilant about how they are calling consumers. This simple feature to verify calls offers call centers another tool to increase contact rates.

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