Convoso Customer Workshop_DID Management Strategies

We were thrilled with the turnout for our first workshop built exclusively for Convoso customers. The December 16 virtual event dove deep into one of the most critically impactful issues of our industry, not just for our customers, but for any company making outbound sales and lead generation calls: Caller IDs flagged as Spam Likely and altogether blocked numbers.

To educate customers about strategies for improving DID management, Convoso’s Senior Customer Success Manager Jen Knight was joined by Product Marketing Director Tyler Hinton for a 40-minute webinar.

They began with an historical perspective on how the issues of call blocking and flagging have exploded in response to the rise of robocalling [50 billion across the US] which they noted is 45-50% fraudulent calls, and the regulations that have come into place to address the problem for weary consumers, including the TRACED Act and STIR/SHAKEN.

But how can legitimate callers like our customers protect themselves, stay in compliance, and maintain productive outbound call center operations?  To this end, the Convoso workshop covered these key areas:

  • Avoiding recognizable dialing patterns
  • Setting up outbound cadences by disposition
  • Spreading out DIDs by volume and geography
  • Utilizing tools such as Convoso’s ClearCallerID™
  • Taking advantage of other channels [eg, email, SMS texts]

Stay tuned for the next customer exclusive workshop.

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