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Convoso Headquarters August 2023Since 2006, Convoso has been built on big ideas and innovation. Now, this SaaS company has an HQ to match.

A 2022 search led by Co-Founder Bobby Hakimi landed the company a stunning 7,000+ sq. ft space in Woodland Hills, California, in the northwest of Greater Los Angeles. 

The building is intended to accommodate those on Convoso’s talented, fast-growing team who are locally based. But the move was about so much more than simply a bigger space.

Finding a New Home that Nurtures Innovation

Kicking off the search last year, Convoso leaders knew they wanted to land somewhere that could support better collaboration and a culture of innovation.

“The company decided to relocate because the old office layout was too separate, which hindered collaboration and communication among teams,” says Co-Founder and CEO, Nima Hakimi. “Over the years, we have experienced significant expansion and success, and it became apparent that our old office was no longer suitable for our evolving needs.”

The result of the search that followed: an improved office design with an open, fully glass layout. The modern space—over 7,000 sq. ft. brightly lit with natural light—will drive an open-door policy that’s aligned with the company’s approach

“We were looking for a physical space that will nurture our company culture and support our teams working together,” says Bobby Hakimi. “Our goal with the new space is for no individual or team to ever feel isolated.” 

Some of the talented team at Convoso will continue to stay connected and collaborate remotely, from locations across the country. But both Bobby and Nima Hakimi stressed the importance of being able to bring core members of the team together.

“I love working remotely, but there are some aspects of being in the office that you just can’t beat,” says Bobby. “It would ultimately be cheaper to not have an office, but we are prioritizing collaboration and culture—the ability to work with each other will continue to improve and grow the company, and drive results for our clients.”  

Inaugurating the New Space by Celebrating a Major Product Launch:

Convoso’s August 1 product launch of its advanced conversational AI was a great opportunity to celebrate in our new corporate headquarters. Convoso employees around the globe joined the Los Angeles team to count down and raise a glass toasting our successful collaboration and hard work. [As a side note, this included some of our leadership team in Times Square for a conference, where Convoso had a 24-hour ad running for!]


Read the press release: Convoso Launches Revolutionizing Conversational AI for Sales Revenue Growth


The New HQ Provides a Foundation for Convoso’s Future

The initial design of Convoso’s two floors is exciting enough, but it’s hardly the end of things. 

“Another big factor in our move is our desire to reflect Convoso’s position at the forefront of everything, including our physical space,” says Bobby.

With the whole building to grow into, leaders have their sights set on some ambitious additions, like an in-house chef and on-site gym that will help the company retain its talented team—and attract even more to the business.

“The move signifies our commitment to providing an optimal working environment for our employees as we continue to grow,” says Nima. “The new office will also enable us to attract and retain top talent, as it demonstrates our commitment to providing a comfortable and productive work environment.

“With increased accessibility and resources, we anticipate enhanced productivity and more efficient operations, ultimately driving our company towards continued growth and success.”

We’re thrilled about our new space—and about everything we’re going to accomplish there, together. Find us at 22837 Ventura Blvd, Suite 300, Woodland Hills, CA 91364. 

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