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SaaS pioneer Convoso unveils, an advanced conversational AI solution to reach more leads, improve efficiencies, and drive revenue growth. logo

Los Angeles, CA – August 1, 2023 — Convoso, leader in outbound contact center software since 2006, announces the launch of, a proprietary conversational AI solution that accelerates the sales pipeline and improves lead generation performance, amplifying efficiency and revenue for customers.
The company will broadcast the August 1 launch with a Times Square announcement. engages prospects in natural conversation over text messaging and voice calls, and transfers high intent prospects to live agents. The result multiplies conversations with consumers who are ready to buy, and cuts customer acquisition costs. 

Convoso’s AI engineering and product teams developed under the leadership of Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder Bobby Hakimi, Chief Technical Officer Phi Le, and VP Engineering Shiva Mirzadeh

“We’re really proud to introduce to the market,” said Bobby Hakimi. “It represents years of dedicated planning and work by so many people at our company. will help our customers make a significant leap forward in lead engagement and sales conversion. What’s exciting is that with all the recent advances in AI, the possibilities of truly innovative solutions in our space have radically broadened. We plan to take this conversational AI to new markets and further innovate as we adapt to what we discover there.” 

What Tasks Can Do For Companies? targets a multitude of time-consuming, repetitive tasks. With conversational AI for SMS and voice, companies can:

  • Engage with leads quickly
  • Schedule callbacks/appointments
  • Pre-qualify leads
  • Set reminders
  • Re-engage with dropped callers
  • Gather basic information
  • Handle Q&A

Building on a legacy of innovation, Convoso continues to prioritize customer success by developing feature-rich products that support business growth and compliance in a highly regulated industry.

“Convoso has been at the forefront of the outbound contact center space for many years, working to innovate solutions that help our customers grow,” said Nima Hakimi, CEO & Co-Founder at Convoso. “Now, by harnessing the power of our advanced conversational AI technology, will magnify our customers’ reach, fast-track more productive conversations,  and reduce their cost per acquisition. It has the potential to make a huge impact for our customers’ business profitability.”

How Does Work? 

Voso uses conversational AI technology to automate routine interactions at scale, improving your lead response rates. 

Omnichannel – Expand channel choice and engage leads via text and calls to generate warm transfers to live agents. 

Natural Conversation – Your prospects experience as though conversing with a live person. 

Personalized Experiences – Each interaction is personalized to optimize the customer experience. 

Continually Improve – AI and staff-assisted training helps perpetually adapt to new conversations and perform better over time. 

24/7 Availability – is there whenever your prospects are ready to engage. 

Empower Agents – Improve motivation, strengthen skills, and lower sales team churn as agents stay focused on rewarding tasks like closing sales. 

Support Compliance – manages opt-outs and understands when leads ask not to be contacted.

Convoso’s long term commitment to customer-centric innovation has secured its position as a leader in the industry, providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive. With, companies can supercharge their lead generation and sales efforts to achieve exceptional revenue growth while supporting compliance.

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