Close Compliance Gaps & Optimize Lead Gen Call Center Performance

Lawsuits are a potential threat to everyone in the lead generation industry. In a regulatory landscape that changes so quickly, do you know where your compliance gaps are? How do you support compliance AND boost call center performance?

A recent Convoso webinar focused on one potentially costly gap: “opt-out” data. Lisa Leight, VP of Marketing at Convoso, hosted a discussion with Convoso CEO, Nima Hakimi, and Greg Dobak, attorney and Founder of industry partner Blue Ink Digital. 

During their conversation, the panel discussed:

  • Why the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) is creating compliance gaps
  • How Blue Ink Digital’s Secured Leads™ can protect against opt-outs
  • Best practices for contacting costly compliant leads
  • Dialer software solutions that can maximize call center performance and efficiency

See some of the highlights from their conversation below, or watch the full video to gain even more insights about compliance gaps and lead gen optimization.

Note: Nothing in this video or recap constitutes legal advice. Convoso recommends retaining and consulting an attorney for ongoing guidance on regulatory compliance.


How CCPA Creates Compliance Gaps

After the implementation of the CCPA, opt-outs have greatly increased. Dobak says that’s down to increased ease-of-use and customer awareness around opt-outs: “They now know they can opt, so we’re seeing a big increase.”

This increase creates a problem for lead generators. “A lot of the time, we’re dealing with real-time and exclusive leads. So this lead is coming through and connecting in a matter of seconds. And the time we’re seeing that customer opting out is typically right after they submit.”

“When we generate the lead, and someone comes back to the website and [opts out], we’ve lost TCPA compliance.” But making sure that non-compliant lead is no longer dialed can be a very opaque and cumbersome process, according to Dobak.

Secured Leads Provides Speedy Protection

Blue Ink Digital’s Secured Leads eliminates that manual process: “Instead of this cumbersome process of emailing it up to the account manager, who may or may not pull [the non-compliant lead] in time, we actually have an API integration directly with Convoso.”

“[With Secure Leads], we get the opt-out, it kills the number at the dialer as fast as it can possibly be done. And it really protects anybody who has that data from calling on non-compliant data.”

Why is this so important? Dobak says speedy opt-outs could be a source of significant new litigation: “I think this is going to be the next wave of company-ending lawsuits because it’s so easy for someone to opt out—and it’s going to be much easier for bad actors who want to abuse the system.” 

These bad actors can sign up for a lead form, immediately opt-out, and see if somebody calls them. According to Dobak, “They can take a screenshot and have all the proof they need that they’re no longer compliant.” 

“[In this landscape,] we really think that SecuredLeads is going to be a really necessary tool going forward and we’re really excited about launching it.”

From Compliance to Performance: Contacting Compliant Leads

Once you have a solution in place to make sure you’re not calling leads who have opted out, how do you make sure you get your compliant, consent-based leads on the phone?

According to Nima Hakimi, “There’s no magic bullet that’s going to solve it all. That’s the thing to really keep in mind: you can’t just do one thing. It’s a combination of things you have to do.”

During the webinar, Hakimi and Dobak walked through some of the strategies and best practices call centers need to implement to optimize their lead gen.

Automate Your Omnichannel

Hakimi: “Anytime you introduce human involvement and somebody has to do something manually themselves, it breaks the process. You need to set up a sequence [that includes] a combination of text messages, calls, and emails…And you need to have the ability to stop that sequence the moment that someone says they’re interested or not interested, one way or the other.” 

Manage Your Caller ID Reputation

Hakimi: “Be mindful of the number of calls that you’re placing. That whole [approach of] calling leads to death over and over in hopes of getting them on the phone no longer works. You’re going to get flagged or blocked. So you really want to be mindful of how many times you call a lead and the number of leads you make per caller ID. Your dialer should have the ability to let you know how many caller IDs you need based on the call volume and based on the geography of where you’re calling. 

Something Convoso has recently launched is a Caller ID Management solution that gives you the ability to know which carriers are labeling or flagging your caller IDs so that you can do something about it.”

Analyze List Performance Reports

Hakimi: “You want to be able to look at reports on your list performance. You should be able to see after how many call attempts there is an answer so that you have the ability to cool down certain leads after a certain number of attempts. Don’t call it again, let it sit, and then maybe call it again 30 days from now instead of calling it every day for 30 days—that’s just not going to work.”

Get Rid of Bad Leads

Dobak: “If you have bad leads, then all of the list management and concern about contactability is kind of for nothing. I think that anyone who works in the lead generation space…realizes that you can’t get anything good out of bad leads.”

With Secured Leads, we’re going to get info in real time, and we can see if there’s active fraud happening…We can cut [bad leads] and we don’t have to wait for a disposition to come back. We don’t have to waste call center agent time spent calling a bunch of bad leads—we can just cut it off.”

At the same time, if we see a certain source is doing really well, we can allocate more resources and we can generate more leads toward that profile, toward that creative, and push them through. So better leads are flowing through to the system, and that makes all the tools that Convoso has all that much more powerful.”

Dialer Software Solutions that Maximize Call Center Performance

According to Hakimi, optimizing your call center performance requires looking at three buckets: lead efficiency, agent efficiency, and manager efficiency. “You really have to optimize things at those three levels—and then, that’s when the magic happens.”

Lead Efficiency

Hakimi: “Like we talked about [earlier], it’s about having an [automated] omnichannel approach…You [also] want to have a good dialing or redialing strategy that accounts for when to call back back again if there’s no answer. Or if it goes to voicemail, you want to have some automation [in place] that decides when to call back a call that goes to voicemail versus no answer. You might want to try different strategies for that.”

Agency Efficiency

Hakimi: “You want to maximize your agents’ talk time. At the end of the day, the more conversations they can have, then hopefully the more conversions they can have. We all know the cost of leads and agents are two of your biggest expenses that you have in this business. 

So maximizing agents’ time, even cutting down on the time it takes to go from one call to the next [is really important]. For example, when dispositioning a call, a lot of systems require you to have 4,5, or 6 clicks to do a live transfer or even end a call. You want to streamline that process. [Convoso] brought that process down to about 2 clicks. And thinking about it, when you are making hundreds of calls per day—some even make a thousand— you multiply those time savings and you’re now talking about an hour to two hours a day of additional talk time.”

Manager Efficiency

Hakimi: “Look at every lead source and see what is the ROI you are getting. You should have near real-time reporting so that you can turn off certain lists where the performance isn’t there. You want to be able to look at it by hour and by lead source. 

You also want to look at it by agent and see how much revenue is being generated per hour, per agent.  Your dialer should have the ability to quickly make decisions like that—to turn either certain agents off certain leads where they’re not performing. 

That ability to manage your leads and lists in real time is really what can make or break your performance in a call center. We all know if your call center goes an hour without generating a certain amount of conversions, that hour can be really costly. It can be tens of thousands of dollars that you’re losing in those moments.” 

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