Navigating Caller ID Reputation Management with ClearCallerID |Webinar

Robocalling in the U.S. – 0:00

Convoso’s Lisa Leight and Tyler Hinton kick off this webinar on caller ID reputation management and the issues facing outbound call centers. Robocalls have been on the rise in the U.S. To make matters worse, 45 to 50% of these robocalls are fraud. Tyler Hinton looks robocalls by the numbers and the outlook for call centers.

The Response to Robocalls – 1:38

How are carriers and other call center industry players responding to the rise in robocalls? Our hosts look at the growing call blocking options available to carriers and consumers, as well as how legislators responded with the TRACED Act.

What You Need to Know About STIR/SHAKEN – 5:49

The TRACED Act created the STIR/SHAKEN framework, which was designed to keep bad actors from spoofing calls. See how it works to validate calls and what your call center needs to do to ensure the highest level of attestation within the framework.

Convoso ClearCaller ID – 7:32

To manage caller ID reputation and help call centers better reach their customers, Convoso developed the ClearCallerID solution. Learn how you can use ClearCallerID to get visibility into the health of your DIDs and take action before blocked and flagged calls become a problem.

Staying Ahead of Carrier Blocking and Flagging Algorithms – 10:23

How else can you help prevent call blocking and flagging? Hinton breaks down smart dialing strategies and outbound calling best practices.

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