Outbound Call Center Regulatory Compliance

The Call Center Regulatory Environment – 0:00

The panel at Lead Generation World 2021 discusses the current state of the call center regulatory environment. Find out more about the biggest issues and obstacles facing call centers right now.

What Has Influenced the Current Regulatory Landscape?  – 2:18

How did call center regulation get to where it is today? Panelists discuss the history of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Traced Act, and their influence on the current moment.

What Is STIR/SHAKEN? – 5:07

The STIR/SHAKEN framework will go into effect in 2021, and it will have important effects on the call center industry. Learn what STIR/SHAKEN is and how your call center should prepare to continue supporting TCPA compliance and performance.

What is the Industry Traceback Group? – 7:24

Learn how the Industry Traceback Group (ITG) and its tracking of robocalls is affecting the outbound calling and lead generation industries.

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