Getting the Most Out of Your Outbound Dialer: List Management Best Practices, KPIs, and More |Webinar

Introduction – 1:33

Convoso Director of Product Marketing, Tyler Hinton, introduces the topic of the webinar and his guest, Heather Griffin, call center consultant and CRO at Dvinci.

Getting the Most Out of Your Dialer: Where to Start – 3:17

Making the best use of your dialer comes down what your business’s unique needs. Heather Griffin walks through questions to ask yourself about your people, technology, and data, which will help shape your outbound dialing strategies.

List Management Best Practices – 6:50

Griffin provides expert advice on which list management best practices your call center needs to use to deliver the greatest efficiency.

Call Center Reporting Best Practices – 12:59

What are the best call center KPIs to keep track of? See which metrics you need to monitor when tracking the performance of your agents, data, and dialer platform. Plus, Griffin offers a list of tools that can help call center decision-makers monitor and automate their reporting efforts.

Caller Center Automation and AI – 27:07

Automation and artificial intelligence are shaping the future of the call center industry. Separate the signal from the noise, and learn how your call center can utilize these technologies to help improve performance, compliance, and ROI.

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