Michigan’s More Comprehensive Mini-TCPA Bill: What It Is and What It Could Mean for Lead Gen

Introduction – 0:00

Convoso’s Lisa Leight introduces guest Eric J. Troutman of the Troutman Firm and TCPAworld.com and kicks off the webinar.

What Is the Michigan Mini-TCPA Bill? – 0:48

Troutman discusses the background of Michigan mini-TCPA bill that was recently introduced and what distinguishes this potential law from other similar state-level calling regulations.

What Does the Michigan Mini-TCPA Bill Cover? – 2:58

Troutman breaks down the contents of the Michigan mini-TCPA bill, including its restrictions on the use of pre-recorded calls, new call times, required disclosures, and more.

Vulnerable Numbers and Individuals in the Michigan Mini-TCPA – 6:37

The new Michigan bill is interesting and unique in its inclusion of protections for vulnerable numbers and individuals. Troutman discusses how the bill defines these two different groups and analyzes the potential ramifications for both call centers and future case law.

Fines for Violations of the Michigan Mini-TCPA – 8:04

Hear the per-violation costs outlined by the Michigan bill and learn when a private right of action is allowed.

What’s Next for the Michigan Mini-TCPA? – 9:31

Learn about what the future holds for this bill, including its prospects of becoming a law and the potential timing.

The Future of State-Level Calling Regulations – 11:15

Is the Michigan bill a sign of things to come? Get Troutman’s take on whether this potential law will become a model for other states, and learn what the consequences will be for call centers.

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