Webinar: How My Contact Center Wins: Best Practices For A Successful Outbound Operation

Introduction – 0:00

Convoso CEO and Co-Founder Nima Hakimi introduces guest David Stodolak, President of Solar Direct Markting, and conducts a live poll to understand common issues experienced by members of the audience.

The 5-Point Checklist for a Winning Call Center – 4:30

Stodolak introduces his framework for driving success at an outbound call center. This 5-point checklist, which the two discuss in depth during the webinar, covers effective strategies to win in all areas of an outbound call center.

1. Evaluate Lead Sources and Partners – 6:07

Stodolak discusses how to evaluate lead sources and understand whether it’s your leads or your approach that can be improved to drive more contacts and conversions. Listen to learn which questions to ask of your lead providers as well as how you can approach different types of leads.

2. Use the Right Dialer – 20:23

Digging into the importance of using the right dialer, Stodolak talks about the most crucial qualities and features to look for in a dialer software, including contact rate optimization, uptime, reporting, and more.

3. Get the Most Out of (and Empower) Your Dialer Manager – 24:54

How do you hire the right person for the job of dialer manager? Which qualities do you look for in a manager intitially and which do you look to train? During this portion of the webinar, the hosts discuss a critical but often overlooked topic. Along the way, they also analyze how a dialer can make life easier for managers and empower in their job.

4. Implement Effective Quality Assurance – 31:51

Hear about best practices for call center quality assurance and compliance that you need to implement in order to both drive results and protect your business.

5. Build and Manage the Right Team – 38:58

At the end of the day, the call center business is about people. How do you build the right team of managers and agents? How do you ensure that they have the tools they need to deliver success for the call center?

6. Q&A and Wrap-Up – 42:55

Hakimi and Stodolak field questions from the audience on benchmarking call center metrics, lead disposition data, and more before wrapping up the webinar.

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