Unlock the Full Potential of Solar Leads

Today’s Panel Market – 0:00

Before improving your lead generation, it’s important to first take a step back and truly understand what’s going on with today’s solar market. Co-CEO and President of Colossus, Heather Griffin, provides an overview of the state of the solar market and offers tips for businesses trying to align with these trends.

Steps to Keep Your Business Competitive – 3:17

In a wide-ranging discussion, Griffin shares her formula for solar sales success, breaking down how she combines omnichannel marketing, smart dialing strategies, dynamic scripting, zip filtering, and speed to lead to drive growth.

Dialing Cadences to Improve Solar Contact Rates – 11:45

Griffin analyzes how to adjust your dialing strategy and cadence to match the needs of each different lead source.

Mastering the List Conversion Report – 14:40

Learn how to use Convoso’s List Conversion Report to optimize sales across locations and lead sources—and in real time.

Using Dynamic Scripting for Solar Sales and Compliance – 17:40

Hakimi and Griffin share insights on all the ways dynamic scripting software can be leveraged to personalize scripts, boost conversions, support call center compliance, and more.

The Importance of Speed to Lead – 25:53

Griffin discusses speed to lead and its place in today’s ideal customer journey.

Closing Thoughts – 33:42

Griffin closes the webinar by looking ahead to what the future of solar marketing holds—and discussing how to make the most of your leads along the way.

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