Ahead of the Curve with Michele Shuster – A Compliance Update

Webinar Introduction & Audience Poll – 0:00

Convoso’s Tyler Hinton introduces himself; his guest, Michele Shuster, Founding Partner at Mac Murray & Shuster; and the packed agenda for the Quarterly Compliance Update.

FCC Rules on SMS – 6:04

The FCC is considering a number of new rules at its March Open Meeting. To kick off the webinar, Shuster provides insights on the rules the Committee is considering on regulating—and potentially blocking—text messages.

The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking & the Lead-Gen Loophole – 14:36

The item on the FCC’s agenda with the biggest potential consequences for the lead gen industry is a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that aims to close what the Committee has termed the “lead generation loophole.” Get the details on the new proposed rules as well as their potential effects on the industry.

Next Steps on the NPRM – 23:53

Shuster discusses the timeline for the NPRM, including when comments will open, when a vote might take place, and how she and others are taking action in the meantime.

What Is PACE? – 25:27

Shuster introduces the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) and discusses its various ongoing activities and advocacy within the industry.

The Importance of Industry Participation – 29:18

The panelists talk about the importance of industry organizations like PACE participating in FCC matters such as those being discussed during the March Open Meeting.

Q&A – 30:29

Tyler Hinton shares questions from the audience on various aspects of the ongoing FCC actions.

Is the CFPB Unconstitutional? – 37:53

Shuster discussed a recent Fifth Circuit Court ruling that deemed the main funding mechanism of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is unconstitutional. Hear about what the Supreme Court will consider when it reviews the case.

CMS Marketing Guideline Changes – 41:08

It’s not just the FCC that’s changing regulations. The CMS, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, is considering a rule that would greatly limit third-party marketing organizations’ abilities to generate leads for different carriers. Learn more about the guidelines being considered ahead of this year’s Open Enrollment Period.

Actions at the State Level – 46:35

Get a quick update on the latest legislative and regulatory action unfolding within states across the country, including a Georgia bill to keep an eye on.

More Q&A and Wrap-Up – 49:40

Shuster fields some final audience before she and Hinton close out the webinar with a discussion of tools that can help organizations support compliance.

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