Do Better with Less: 6 ½ Strategies to Boost Your Lead Gen Efforts


Quality Over Quantity: What Does it Mean to Do More (and Better) with Less? – 0:00

Guests Rob Seaver, Executive Director at PACE, and Jason Cutter of Cutter Consulting discuss key, prevailing trends in lead generation and effective strategies, including the gradual move away from quantity of leads vs. quality of leads, the growth of AI, and more.

Navigating Compliance – 11:15

Rob Seaver discusses the evolving nature of regulations and the increasingly complex rules businesses need to navigate in 2023. He also offers suggestions on how businesses can support compliance and get educated on a limited budget.

Agent Onboarding and Training – 19:21

Jason Cutter dives into strategies to support more efficient onboarding and training that solves common challenges faced by lead generation businesses.

Better Coaching and Retention – 23:52

To make the most out of the agents they’re able to hire and retain them, Jason Cutter says that agents need to follow these strategies that support long-term growth and better leadership.

Data Investment – 27:12

Lead generators don’t just need to invest in their teams, they need to invest in their potential customers. Here’s how they should approach investments in higher-quality data.

Leveraging Your Management Team – 34:54

Optimization leaves no level of an organization untouched. During this portion of the webinar, Cutter and Seaver share their thoughts on how management teams can drive better results for their lead generation efforts.

Q&A and Wrap-Up – 41:05

The experts on the panel field some questions from the audience and share how audience members can get in touch as they wrap up the day’s webinar.

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