Call Center Compliance Update at the Lead Gen Roadshow


Introduction – 0:00

Lisa Leight, Convoso’s VP of Marketing, introduces the guests on the panel, two prominent compliance attorneys: Michele Shuster, Founding Partner at MacMurray and Shuster, and Puja Amin, Co-Founder at the Troutman Firm.

The Latest TCPA Updates – 3:29

Amin and Shuster discuss the latest developments in TCPA-related litigation, including debates around the definition of ATDS, state-level laws, and more.

PACE Council Updates – 9:00

Shuster shares what she learned at a recent PACE conference, including an important update on consent and marketing partners, which relates to a bombshell lawsuit filed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office.

Important Recent Rulings: Javier and Berman – 16:10

Amin breaks down two recent rulings with big implications for the ways businesses capture and document consumer content to contact.

CTIA Best Practices – 21:30

The panel discusses the role of the CTIA, an industry trade group, and a series of best practices the group recently introduced with an eye to combatting improper call blocking and flagging.

State-Level Mini-TCPAs and Privacy Laws – 24:43

Amin looks at the provisions and impact of “Mini-TCPA” laws in states like Florida, Oklahoma, Washington, and Michigan. Michele Shuster also talks about privacy laws will be a huge focus in 2023.

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