Inc. 5000 Panel: Insights from the Fastest-Growing Lead Gen Companies| Webinar


Introduction – 0:00

Host Nima Hakimi, CEO and Co-Founder of Convoso, and his guests kick off this Lead Gen Roadshow panel, “Insights from the Fastest-Growing Lead Gen Companies.” Joining him were David Stodolak, President of Solar Direct Marketing, and Penny Lee, SVP of Partnerships at What If Media. Both of their companies have landed on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies, and they sat down to discuss their backgrounds in business and share the secrets behind their recent successes.

What’s Behind Their Companies’ Growth? – 6:46

Stodolak and Lee share what they believe have been the most key ingredients in their businesses’ rapid growth and offer lessons that other organizations can apply in their own pursuit of success. Topics include developing important partnerships, incentivizing and motivating talent, and more.

The Technologies That Have Made a Difference – 15:29

The guests lay out which technologies have enabled their businesses work smarter and more efficiently and unlocked new growth potential.

Optimizing Performance with Better Reporting – 21:56

The panel zeros in on the call center KPIs and reports that too many businesses overlook when trying to optimize their lead gen and sales performance. They also discuss how important it is to analyze performance at a granular level.

What’s Behind Your Personal Success? – 33:00

The panel gets personal, discussing the traits behind guests’ personal successes and the qualities they look for in the people they bring to their team.

What Has Been Your Biggest Failure – 36:00

Failure often provides life’s biggest lessons. The guests talk about what they learned from the hardest moments of their careers.

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