A Call Center Technology Stack to Maximize Leads and Optimize Performance |Webinars

Introduction and Audience Poll – 2:14

Convoso CEO Nima Hakimi introduces the webinar’s topic and its panel of experts, which includes Dylan Graham, VP of Sales at Retreaver; Yung Chung, Director of Sales at ActiveProspect; and Jay Schwartz Partner at Medigap Life. Plus, the audience answers a poll about its biggest need from a lead generator.

Call Center Graduation Day – 8:10

How do you take your call center performance to the next level? The panel walks through what separates the best performing call centers from the rest. Along the way, they cover how dialer software is the linchpin of the successful call center’s technology stack.

Increasing Contact Rate with a Powerful Dialer – 12:50

Jay Schwartz shares his experience in using an intelligent outbound dialer to reach more customers. Plus, Nima Hakimi breaks down a range of best practices that can boost connections and help support better compliance.

The 3 Key Efficiencies for Call Center Profitability – 19:12

Nima Hakimi introduces the 3 areas call centers need efficiency in order drive increased profitability: their leads, management, and agents. Hear best practices and effective strategies that you can implement to improve ROI.

Using Call Center Technology for Lead Optimization – 25:52

Yung Chung gives an overview of how TrustedForm from ActiveProspect not only verifies and documents consent but also equips call centers with valuable customer and intent insights. The panel discuss how valuable these behavioral insights can be in making the most out of costly leads.

Wrap-Up and Q&A – 49:15

As the panel wrap up the discussion, Jay Schwartz provides further insight on how his Medicare call center has used the Convoso dialer to deliver incredible improvements in performance. Plus, the panelists field questions on dialing modes and recent developments in the Supreme Court.

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