Top 5 1/2 Reasons Why Your Cost Per Acquisition Is Too High

Introductions – 0:00

Workshop leaders Jason Cutter and Nima Hakimi introduce themselves and the topic for the day: the top reasons why your call center’s cost per acquisition (CPA) is too high.

Nima Hakimi dives into the importance of analyzing performance data at a micro level. To understand what’s behind your CPA, you need to be able to break down costs on a list-by-list basis.

Reason #2: Lack of Intelligent Lead Routing – 14:45

The hosts discuss how the poor routing of leads can drive up cost per acquisition, as well as how features on Convoso’s dialer software can consistently direct the right leads to the right agents.

Reason #3: Disconnect Between Marketing and Sales – 22:57

While some level of disconnect between departments is unavoidable, Cutter and Hakimi discuss strategies call centers can use to break down these barriers and improve cost per acquisition.

Reason #4: Selling Effectiveness and Agent Training – 30:31

A lack of agent training can be a huge hamper on call center CPA. Here, the speakers offer tips on how teams might use technology and solutions like dynamic scripting to improve agents’ ability to succesfully make sales.

Reason #5: Poor Caller ID Reputation – 42:00

Convoso’s Nima Hakimi analyzes the root causes of call blocking and flagging issues, as well as a range of best practices that call centers can implement in order to help combat these issues.

Reason #5.5: Contact Rate Killers – 49:51

Cutter and Hakimi discuss things that commonly have negative effects on call centers’ contact rates, including low answering machine detection accuracy and overdialing.

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