Virtual Agent For Dialing Campaigns

Use Convoso's Virtual Agent to close more business with fewer agents.

What if you could use artificial intelligence technology to filter out prospects that don’t fit with your product or service? With Convoso’s Virtual Agent, you can. By using Machine Learning, Natural Language Programming & Advanced Speech Recognition this artificial contact center technology allows you to replace or supplement live agents.

Scale faster without spending the same time and resources of your competitors.
With our artificial intelligence technology, you no longer need to staff up a massive call center in order to compete. Let the AI put in the work equivalent to 100 agents, so that you can focus on what really matters:

Connecting with more
Qualified & Interested Prospects.

Automatically filter out leads that aren't right for what you're selling.

Using a personalized human voice recording, Convoso’s Virtual Agent starts the prospect conversation by asking initial questions designed to prequalify the lead. The technology understands the prospects’ responses, and only transfers qualified leads to live agents.

Generate Large Volume
of Highly Qualified
Live Transfers

Reduce Headcount &
Training Costs

Eliminate the First
60-90 Seconds
of Every Call

Filter & Route
Inbound Calls or Callbacks
with the Conversational AI

Artificial intelligence + real human voice.

What separates Convoso’s technology from other solutions is that it uses recordings of a real human voice instead of computer-generated sounds, allowing it to conduct natural-sounding conversations. The Virtual Agent doesn’t just talk to prospects—it interacts with them in a friendly, helpful way. Automatically pre-qualify your leads with a top rated voice talent, proven to have the highest conversion rate.

Put your Best Agent on the Phone every time with the Convoso Virtual Agent.

With our Virtual Agent starting the conversation, you can get thousands of qualified leads per hour.

With our Virtual Agent prequalifying your leads, you’ll dramatically reduce payroll costs and increase agent productivity.

Eliminate the No's so that your agents only talk to Yes's.

Virtual Agent for compliance.

Compliance is a big issue for anyone doing outbound calling. Convoso's AI Agent has you covered. Using the Convoso's Virtual Agent – We can ask for that approval to continue the conversation based on the compliant issues that you may have in your industry. This approval is recorded and archived and sent to you on a daily basis to be stored on your side for compliance standards.

Achieve the highest level of compliance with our Virtual Agent.

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