Compliance in your call center operation is an essential consideration from the second you get a lead to the moment you connect on the phone and close a sale. Needless to say, it’s important to counter any fraud or TCPA hiccups from the offset.

To help guide you through TCPA regulations, Convoso CEO Nima Hakimi and Anura Solutions CEO Rich Kahn teamed up with the TCPA compliance expert and Czar of TCPA World Eric Troutman to discuss the latest in ad fraud, TCPA rulings, and more.  Watch the webinar video below!

The expert panel covered these key areas:

  • Update on the latest news in TCPA & Ad Fraud
  • How the Berman v. Freedom Financial Network decision is changing the enforcement of consent disclosures
  • The kind of questions you should you be asking your lead sources to avoid fraudulent leads
  • How the right technology partner can help you stay on top of changing regulations

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