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Hugely consequential amendments to Washington’s mini-TCPA are heading to the governor’s desk—where they’re expected to be signed into law.

Just last year, Washington passed a wide-ranging mini-TCPA bill. Now, after unanimously passing both houses of the state legislature, House Bill 1051 looks set to shake up, once again, compliance for lead generation and sales teams dialing in the state.

Here’s what the bill would change in Washington state:

  • Added third-party liability: Like in the TCPA, Washingtonians will be able to hold third parties liable for a knowing violation of the law.
  • Increased penalties for repeat violations: Fines for repeated violations will be raised from $100 to $1000 per violation.
  • Extended DNC protections: The new law prohibits solicitation calls made to numbers on the federal Do Not Call Registry.
  • A new private right-of-action: Consumers can now seek damages for violations of the Consumer Protection Act, in addition to DNC violations. Under the law, they will be able to seek actual damages or $1000 per violation.

Over at TCPAWorld, attorney Puja J. Amin of the Troutman Firm has broken down these and other amendments introduced by the new law. 

If the bill is signed as expected, the changes will take effect on July 4, 2023. And with the added ability to seek statutory damages, one might expect to see a marked increase in the number of filings made in Washington—just as we’ve seen since the introduction of Florida’s Mini-TCPA.


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