Heather Griffin, Co-CEO & President of Colossus, shared with webinar attendees how to unlock the full potential of their solar leads in this conversation with Convoso CEO and Co-Founder, Nima Hakimi. Together they covered the current landscape of the solar industry, including which regulations to keep an eye on, potential customers, and commercial vs. residential opportunities. Heather has over 22 years of experience in lead generation as a call center owner/manager and 14 years in the solar marketing and sales industry.

Watch the webinar video below to catch expert insights about:

  • Today’s solar climate and the Climate Bill
  • Steps to keep your business competitive 
    • Finding the right customer to market to
    • Getting them to respond to your marketing
    • How to work your lead + closing your lead
  • Utilizing the right technology stack 
  • And more!



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