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Lisa Leight, Chief Marketing Officer of Convoso, joins Kenneth Kinney on his podcast “A Shark’s Perspective” to talk about speed to lead, the future of call center technologies, and how the right tech helps drive more conversions and sales. Their discussion includes:

  • The role of call center technology in outbound and inbound call center operations.
  • Technology as a tool for driving revenue and efficiency, rather than just a cost item.
  • The importance of compliance, integrations, and the future of dialing technology.
  • How conversational AI can play a larger role for sales and lead gen call centers.
  • Industries that thrive with dialers, such as insurance, finance, home services, and education.

The episode concludes with a fun, rapid-fire Q&A.

You really need to look at what’s it going to do in terms of getting more people on the phone, getting more conversations, getting more opportunities to convert. What is that going to translate to in revenue? And how is it going to make your people–your agents–more efficient? Speed to lead is crucial in this context.

Lisa Leight, CMO, Convoso

Catch the Shark’s Perpective Podcast with Lisa Leight on Call Center Technology

About the “Shark” and Host of A Shark’s Perspective

Kenneth “Shark” Kinney is making waves as a keynote speaker, author, marketing strategist, and shark diver and conservationist. He has worked with many of the fortune 100 but is just as proud of his work with hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses including Acxiom, Citi, Chase, Target, GM, American Express, FedEx, Honda, Toyota, TD Ameritrade, Panera, TruGreen, and over 50 colleges and universities. Recognized as one of the industry’s top Marketing, Customer Experience, and Technology speakers, he is the author of “We Care…ish” and also the host of “A Shark’s Perspective” podcast where he dives deeper into an insatiable curiosity to serve. Shark has also been an on-air host and producer of multiple TV and Radio programs. Today, Kenneth inspires leaders to dive deeper and find new perspectives to transform their businesses to drive growth and create better experiences for their customers as well as their employees.

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