Convoso Product Update

Convoso has introduced a significant enhancement to the Convoso platform – Single Sign-On (SSO) using OAuth 2.0.

This update is designed to streamline user authentication across our Admin and Agent Apps, enhancing user experience and security. 

OAuth 2.0 was selected due to its flexibility, simplicity, and its ability to facilitate secure and seamless third-party integrations.

What this means for our customers

Improved User Experience: With SSO, users can access both the Admin and Agent Apps seamlessly with a single login, reducing user friction.

Enhanced Security: Centralized authentication ensures consistent security protocols, reducing vulnerabilities and the risk of unauthorized access.

Increased Efficiency: SSO eliminates the need for users to remember multiple credentials, saving time and effort.

The SSO implementation using OAuth 2.0 will greatly benefit customers  by making their experience more secure, efficient, and adaptable to future integration needs.

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