Convoso Product Update

Convoso customers can now access real-time and historical billing insights with the launch of the Customer Billing View. This update gives admins the ability to track credit usage, access invoice history, and view active subscriptions on their own.

Convoso’s new Customer Billing View empowers admins to manage costs effectively, to streamline financial operations, and for BPO’s, to improve client communication.

Key features include: 

  1. Minute/Credits – Customers have real-time monitoring of credits used and remaining balance. A percentage breakdown for each credit type is also shown.
  2. Invoice History – Users can view a list of their past invoices and have the ability to download invoices directly. Each invoice details the invoice number, date, amount charged, balance left, and status of the invoice.
  3. Subscriptions – Convoso customers can now view their existing recurring subscriptions to see monthly costs. These include recurring fees that are charged consistently and setup fees that are charges accrued during the setup.

Convoso is committed to providing customers with the tools and support they need to succeed, and cost transparency is an important component of that commitment.

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