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Convoso StateTracker to support compliance with state outreach lawsIn response to increasing state regulations around outreach to consumers, we have launched a new tool for our customers called Convoso StateTracker™, which is the only solution purpose-built to support outbound sales teams with daily attempt maximums required by state “Mini-TCPA” styled laws.

With Convoso’s StateTracker, you can create special rules for leads within states based on zip codes or area codes. You can also limit the number of calls or contacts per a given time period.

For example, to comply with the Florida and Oklahoma laws, you can only contact a lead 3 times per 24 hours. With Convoso’s StateTracker, you can create a rule to ensure a lead is not contacted more than 3 times in a 24-hour period.

This new feature is exclusively available to Convoso Customers and can be turned on by your Customer Success Manager. Contact us today to learn more!


At Convoso, we pride ourselves on providing a strong set of capabilities that support compliance for outbound sales campaigns. Our current superior campaign/list management capabilities make it easier to comply with regulations and reduce the risk of human error. Convoso’s new StateTracker builds on this strength by offering additional checks and balances, giving you more confidence when dialing into states with complex regulatory environments.

We can never guarantee compliance with the TCPA or state-level regulations, but we are committed to providing you with the best tools to help support compliance. Our latest update with Convoso’s StateTracker is just one example of our ongoing commitment to your success.


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