Convoso Product Update

Convoso’s new long-term storage offering gives customers a way to retain access to their call recordings on a 12-month rolling cycle for a monthly rate. This new program is particularly relevant for customers that have a heightened focus on specific aspects such as security, compliance, or scalability. 

Why It Matters

Never lose sight of a conversation. Convoso long-term storage for call recording helps customers store calls securely and allows access to those insights for up to a year. 

Our secure, scalable solution helps customers:

Comply with Confidence: Meet strict industry regulations and data privacy laws with peace of mind.

Scale Effortlessly: Accommodate growing call volumes without worrying about storage limitations.

Unlock Long-Term Value: Uncover trends and insights from past conversations to improve performance over time.

QA & Resolution: Facilitates quality assurance and effective handling of disputes

What Are the New Storage Options?

Customers will have two options to choose from regarding call storage:

  1. 30-day built-in recording access. After 30 days, lead information remains accessible only.
  2. Paid long-term storage gives rolling access to recordings up to 12 months past the original call date.

All data will be retained for a year, but customers will not be able to access recordings that are older than 30 days if they don’t buy the extended storage option.

Options for longer term storage than one year are in the works to be released in the coming months.

What is the pricing structure?

A simple tiered storage model keeps pricing clear, predictable and easy-to-understand, based on total terabytes of storage. The tier can be scaled up or down as needed. 

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