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SaaS innovator Convoso has partnered with Contact Center Compliance ( to provide customers with direct access to automated “Do Not Call” and litigator filtering, saving companies time and costs in maintaining regulatory compliance.

Contact Center Compliance and Convoso DNC IntegrationConvoso, provider of outbound contact center solutions, and Contact Center Compliance, a compliance solution suite, are jointly announcing a new API integration within the Convoso platform to automate filtering of numbers registered with “Do Not Call” lists to remove them from lead dialing lists. The new integration will help customers comply with the TCPA and “Do Not Call” rules, improve administrative efficiency, and minimize the risk of human error when scrubbing lists.

“Do Not Call” (DNC) registries consist of individual consumers who have registered their phone numbers (mobile or landline) to opt out of receiving marketing or promotional calls. To comply with the TCPA and the FTC, outbound call centers must not dial any consumer who has registered with the National Do Not Call Registry, or a state DNC lists.

The new integration gives Convoso customers direct access to within the Convoso dialer so that they can automate lead filtering for both state and national DNC registries. This automation reduces the amount of time it takes to scrub lists, resulting in improved dialing efficiency.

The new capability also helps protect customers from litigation initiated by lawyers who register numbers for the purpose of “catching” a business calling a number, even in error, so they can pursue legal damages against the company. These legal traps can have a severe impact on profits for outbound call centers as they are forced to combat opportunistic lawsuits and/or have to pay fines.

“TCPA and DNC lawsuits are put-your-lights-out statutes,” said Ryan Thurman, Director of Sales & Marketing at Contact Center Compliance. “Having a real-time scrubbing process for DNC, TCPA, and serial litigators should be a part of every lead buyer, seller, contact center, or enterprise as the stakes are too high. Convoso has made it easy for their customers to scrub for serial litigators, federal and state DNC, line type status, calling time restrictions, state holidays, and ultimately achieve TCPA and DNC safe harbor for risk mitigation and automation for omnichannel campaigns.”

“This integration is the best way for our customers to avoid lawsuits related to Do Not Call registries,” said Bobby Hakimi, Convoso Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder. “We work hard to keep our customers up-to-date with tools and strategies that support compliance with the TCPA and other regulatory requirements. In our industry, especially today, call center operations have to stay alert on so many fronts. That’s why we’ve partnered with Contact Center Compliance to bring our customers an accelerated track for removing registered DNC numbers from their lead lists.”

The History of “Do Not Call” Registries
In 2003, the FTC initiated a national registry for consumers to ban permissions to call their phone numbers from entities that did not have a prior relationship or consent to call. Originally, phone numbers remained on the registry for a period of five years, but are now permanent because of the Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007. Consumers may add landline or cellular numbers to the registry.

Prior to 2003, 36 states maintained their own DNC lists. ​​As the National Do Not Call Registry gained popularity, most of those states decided to forego the expense of maintaining their own lists. Today, 32 states have officially adopted the National Do Not Call Registry as their Do Not Call list, while only 12 states have their own Do Not Call lists: Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming.

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About Convoso

Convoso is the industry leader of omnichannel contact center software for sales and lead generation teams. The solution couples the power of an advanced cloud-based dialer with support of a dedicated product expert to drive customer success. Convoso is continuously innovating to help outbound call centers maximize profitability while supporting TCPA compliance.

About Contact Center Compliance

Contact Center Compliance provides a cloud-based compliance solution suite that enables companies to easily and cost-effectively adhere to the latest TCPA and DNC regulations. With deep roots in the direct marketing industry, our team has proven to be the go-to vendor for the best-in-class all-in-one solution for TCPA and DNC risk management.

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