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A Busy Week in Customer Success

by Ron Griguts, Director of Customer Success at Convoso

The Customer Success team at Convoso had a busy week! Let’s dive into a little bit of it…

Relationship Management

No, not of existing customers but of customers that CHURN. We lost a customer to a competitor a couple months ago – we were crushed but understood the several reasons behind the customers’ decision. What did we do? We kept an open line of communication. We checked in periodically to understand how their new solution was performing. We kept a positive and supportive mentality to just make the customer know that we will always be here for them should they, or should they not come back to us. What happened? They came back. They came back because of a key contact that was an advocate internally for Convoso, because of performance, and because we never gave up on the customer even though they churned.

Performance KPI’s and Optimization

Not waiting for the customer to express concerns over the performance of the Convoso dialer but maintaining a proactive approach to analyzing the performance data and KPI’s most meaningful to the customer, providing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly business reviews and showing a plan of what we will do to turn the sour frown (pour performance data) upside down. This shows the customer that their CSM is accountable, responsible, and can be trusted with their business in his or her hands.

Education & Training

Not just for our customers, but for the CSM team collectively to keep them tactically advantageous in their day to day approach to the management of their customer portfolio’s. This is continuous. The telephony and lead-gen industries are ever evolving and we need to be ahead of the changing trends and legalities. So, when the time comes to update on a Mini TCPA change in the states of Florida or Oklahoma, we have all of the knowledge to deliver to the customer and keep them compliant without a blip!

Just wanted to share some of my weekly personal/professional review. It’s an exciting time to be a Convoso customer and to be a team member of Convoso Customer Success.

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