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Add another state—Georgia, this time—to your list of those to watch in compliance news this year. In a unanimous vote,  passed Senate Bill 73, which expands restrictions on telemarketing calls made within the state.

The bill must still pass the state House before being signed into law, but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on. (And, as always, we will.)

What’s in the Georgia Bill

Sponsored by Senator Blake Tillery, Senate Bill 73 would, in Tillery’s words, ensure the “Georgia Do Not Call Act actually has teeth.” The bill strives to do that by enabling Georgians to pursue class-action lawsuits, with damages of up $1,000 per call, against any entity that either made a call themselves. 

Importantly, the bill makes entities on whose behalf calls are made by third-parties liable as well. While the current law states that entities are prohibited from knowingly making or causing telemarketing calls to individuals on the Georgia Do-Not-Call list, the new bill would eliminate this “knowing” element. As a result, would no longer skirt liability “by contracting with companies outside of state lines and even our nation’s borders” to make calls, says Tillery.

Puja Amin of the Troutman Firm notes over at that a similar bill was passed the Senate in 2022, but failed to ever move past the House. 

As any developments arise on this regulation—and any of the many others moving through not just federal but state-level bodies—we will be sure to keep you in the know. 


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