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Convoso Announces Partnership with IPQS, along side a webinar focused on Lead Optimization 101


Lead fraud—it’s everywhere these days. And if you’re not validating your leads, it can take a serious bite out of your margins. Even worse, it can pose serious risks to your business.

With this issue on the minds of many in our industry, Convoso CMO Lisa Leight sat down with leaders and new Convoso partners IPQS—CEO Dennis Weiss and CTO Dave Mackler—for a brief but highly informative conversation on the importance of lead validation.

IPQS Solutions to Prevent Lead Fraud See Huge Success

During the webinar, “Best Practices for Validating & Getting the Most Out of Your Data” the trio talked about just how widespread the issue of lead fraud is and offered insights on what sales and lead generation teams can do to protect themselves.

For their part, IPQS provides a suite of fraud prevention tools, which have helped organizations in an array of industries validate their incoming traffic. In the webinar, Mackler shared how IPQS had recently helped social media giant TikTok fight back against an onslaught of fraudulent accounts being sent up. Their solutions helped TikTok reduce fraudulent activity by an incredible 90%.

These same solutions can help businesses generating and converting leads, too. “For similar lead generation companies that have switched over to us or started using us, the number is pretty high in terms of the amount of fraudulent leads that we’ve been able to reduce,” said David Mackler. “If they have our full suite deployed, it’s typically over 99% of fraud that would be eliminated instantly.”

From Validation to Optimization: How to Make the Most of Verified Leads

Of course, while it’s hugely important, once a lead is validated the job is far from done: you still need to make the right moves and convert your leads.

“The number one thing is driving contact rates,” said Lisa Leight. “The more conversations that you have, the more conversions and more revenue that can lead to.”

So, how is it done? Leight covered a variety of tactics to improve contact rates and optimize the sales process, including:

Throughout their discussion, the group shared many more great insights on how to drive greater results for your business. Tune into the recording of the webinar to hear their conversation in full. And to learn more about how Convoso’s powerful dialer—in tandem with IPQS’s top-notch fraud detection tools—can help you make the most of your agents’ time and your leads, sign up for a free demo today.



IPQS, the leading data source, proactively prevents fraud with advanced solutions for businesses. Their comprehensive range of APIs and data sets effectively detect abuse like bots, ATO, fake/duplicate accounts, stolen user data, and chargebacks. Utilizing real- time screening tools, IPQS identifies fraudulent leads, risky traffic, and abusive activities. With accurate and regularly updated databases, IPQS is the go-to provider for Fortune 500 companies, offering trusted email verification and fraud prevention services. This ensures maximum risk mitigation, improved email deliverability, reduced spam, and protect reputation for a frictionless user experience.

The Power of IPQS + Convoso 

Through the seamless integration of IPQS’ data-driven solutions with Convoso empowers lead quality improvement. Leverage up-to-date data, advanced botnet detection, and our Fraud Fusion partnership for targeted, efficient protection against malicious behavior.

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