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Event Recap | Convoso attends Industry Impact

Convoso joined hosts LeadsCouncil & LeadsCon for Industry Impact 2021 over 4 one-day events across the country in June, hitting the cities of Memphis, Kansas City, Orlando, and Austin! 

The series stood out for combining 

  • Spectacular venues
  • Great content presented in a fun format
  • Highly relevant topics like compliance and performance improvement
  • Outstanding networking experiences

Convoso not only sponsored the events, but also held a Live Trivia session hosted by our team: CEO & Co-Founder, Nima Hakimi; VP of Marketing, Lisa Leight; and Product Marketing Director, Tyler Hinton. The trivia game was a great way to present an interactive program on topics from Answering Machine Detection to Caller ID Reputation, and more.

“The Convoso team was well represented at these multi-city performance marketing events. Everyone agreed that it was great to get out and interact with fellow industry professionals again. Hats off to LeadsCon and LeadsCouncil for putting together a fantastic series of highly relevant local events!” -Lisa Leight

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