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Inaugural Class of Convoso Certified Optimization Specialists

Please join us in congratulating our Customer Success team bootcamp members in becoming the first ever Convoso Certified Optimization Experts!!!!

Convoso’s Learning & Development team takes their job seriously as the educators of our company. They are dedicated to supporting the integration of deep product and strategy knowledge across teams.

So they partnered with the Customer Success team to develop the Optimization Bootcamp.

The goal of the bootcamp was to build upon the CS team’s advanced knowledge of Convoso’s software. The program introduced new techniques and methods to help take customers to even higher levels of success.

“The CSM team rose to the challenge beautifully and surpassed our expectations.”

Jen Knight, Senior Learning & Development Specialist

The bootcamp presented the CS team with challenging questions that focused on optimizing the software for clients. These questions included strategies to:

  • reduce software costs
  • increase contact rates
  • decrease campaign drop/abandonment rates.


The team embraced the challenges with enthusiasm, finding effective and unique solutions while demonstrating exceptional mastery of the software. 

“It was potentially dozens of hours of work for each learner, and is an accomplishment worth celebrating! Congratulations again to all involved!”

Sean Burke, Learning & Development Manager

Team members can share their achievement on LinkedIn through the certification feature that displays “Certified Optimization Expert” on their profile. 

Congratulations to the Customer Success team bootcamp members:

  • Daniel Steinman
  • Austin Hop
  • Denise Newberry
  • Francisco Cartagena
  • Roger Mohr
  • Scott McGadden
  • Thaddius Raymond
  • Victor Emmanuel Manzano
  • Edward John Teope
  • Gemini Carlos
  • Glessy Jane Pagalilawan
  • Sarah Vicente
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