The Silicon Review-30 Best Small Companies to Watch 2020_Convoso

The Silicon Review-30 Best Small Companies 2020 - Convoso

The Silicon Review - 30 Best Small Companies to Watch 2020_Convoso

Nima Hakimi, CEO & Co-founder of Convoso, 30 Best Small Companies to Watch to WatchLead follow up is reaching out to a lead that has previously interacted with your brand. Even though sales reps don’t dread these sales calls as much as they might dread cold calling, sales people still generally regard them as difficult. However, lead follow up is vital as it often turns into a very productive conversation. After all, you’re talking to someone who has expressed an interest in your brand. Convoso is the leading innovator of cloud-based omnichannel contact center software that dramatically increases contact and lead conversion rates. Convoso’s technology is built to cut downtime and costs by automating and housing your day-to-day routines and metrics in one easy-to-use platform. Call center owners and managers can operate with complete clarity through Convoso’s feature-rich admin portal and reporting console.

Powerful autodialer options for your outbound calls.

Whether you’re leading an aggressive sales campaign or contacting current clients, Convoso has the powerful tools to drive your workflow. Choose from multiple dialing modes: Power Dialing, Predictive Dialing, Preview Dialing, and Progressive Dialing. Increase contact rate with a static dial level and serious power. The Power Dialer chooses new contacts as soon as the previous call ends. Increase contact rates and reduce wait time without compromising your drop rating. Convoso Predictive Dialing uses smart algorithms to select agents and dial numbers in advance. Its power dialing with scaling capabilities to adjust the total number of outbound dials up and down based on available agents and dropped/abandoned rating. Increase contact rates and reduce wait time. Keep your dial rate high while customizing each call to individual leads. Similar to preview dialing, agents review lead information ahead of the call, but with progressive dialing, the calls are automatically dialed after a set number of seconds/minutes.

Use Convoso’s Virtual Agent to close more business with fewer agents.

What if you could use artificial intelligence technology to filter out prospects that don’t fit with your product or service? With Convoso’s Virtual Agent, you can. By using Machine Learning, Natural Language Programming & Advanced Speech Recognition this artificial contact center technology allows you to replace or supplement live agents. Scale faster without spending the same time and resources of your competitors. Using a personalized human voice recording, Convoso’s Virtual Agent starts the prospect conversation by asking initial questions designed to prequalify the lead. The technology understands the prospects’ responses, and only transfers qualified leads to live agents.

Marketing and Lead Generation

Convoso marketing companies report a 30% to 300% rise in contact rates, and significant jumps in conversion and transfer rates with its powerful suite of software tools that convert leads faster. With automated remarketing strategies, disposition-based redial workflow, and smart dynamic scripting,  your agents can connect with more qualified leads to cross-sell and help prospects across different verticals. Create more opportunities to optimize the ROI on your leads. Know where to strategically focus your resources to make your call center profitable by accessing reporting tools that show how your leads, agents, lists, and list sources are performing at any time. Consolidated real-time reports reveal your actual CPA [cost of dialer, payroll, and leads]—your ROI per list and agent, broken down by lead source. Remember, you can’t improve what you can’t measure.

Cloud-based Automated Calling Software

Whether you’re leading an aggressive sales campaign or contacting current clients, Convoso provides you with powerful tools to suit your workflow, including multiple dialing modes. Increase contact rates with dialing strategies and powerful tools. Predictive dialing increases agent efficiency by automatically adjusting dial speed based on advanced algorithms, resulting in more productive live calls, and fewer dropped calls. Progressive dialing allows agents a set amount of time to review the prospect’s record before the call is automatically dialed. When a call is finished, the agent clicks to initiate the next lead, again with a set time to review notes on screen. In preview mode, prospect records are automatically presented to your agents, allowing them time to review notes on the lead before electing to call for a more informed and qualified conversation. Power dialing automates dialing at a rate you set so that your agents are always on live calls. Often best suited to operations with few agents and a large numbers of leads.

Meet the leader behind the success of Convoso

Nima Hakimi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Convoso. With over a decade of experience in starting various companies, his exceptional leadership has consistently navigated through the ups and downs of running a successful business. Nima’s clear vision for Convoso helped establish the core values that nurture the culture of the Company today. Prior to Convoso, Nima began his entrepreneurial spirit with the launch of an online advertising network with millions of users at its peak. Nima takes great pride in his customer’s success which is what drives him to constantly research the market space for solutions to challenges. He views Convoso as his family and goes above and beyond in providing the needed tools for the Company to succeed.

“Get live people on the phone nearly every time with our answering machine detection technology, allowing your agents to spend less time waiting for phone calls and more time selling.”

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