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Outbound contact center software leader’s invitation-only event hosted customers, partners, and industry experts

Los Angeles, CA – November 23, 2022 — Convoso,  SaaS innovator in outbound call center solutions, brought their Leadgen Regional Roadshow, to Miami Beach, Florida on November 8, 2022, gathering customers, partners, and industry leaders for an exclusive two-day event that included expert presentations, peer discussions, and networking at the seaside Cadillac Hotel. Participants represented numerous markets engaged in sales and lead generation.

In his welcome address,  Convoso CEO and Co-Founder Nima Hakimi said to the Southeast region crowd, “We’re a product-centric, product-focused company. We always want to hear from you, and want to build our software to add the functionalities that you’re looking for.” 

Inc. 5000 business leaders David Stodolak (President, Solar Direct Marketing) and Penny Lee (SVP, What If Media Group) were the featured speakers for the panel discussion about what drives growth for their companies.

“We talked about what building a strong company culture can do to your success,” said Penny Lee. “So eventually, the wrong players will shake themselves out, they won’t fit in, and they’ll feel that they don’t fit into that environment. Giving people the right jobs to do on their day-to-day is so important. It’s been a quick growth trajectory, and a lot of shakeups and a lot of movements. But we listen to people, we keep people accountable.”

Bringing the Roadshow audience up to date with industry compliance issues were attorneys Puja J. Amin (Co-Founder, Troutman Firm) and Michele Shuster (Founding Partner, Mac Murray & Shuster LLP). In a discussion

 moderated by Convoso VP Marketing Lisa Leight, they reviewed the top risks from TCPA regulations to companies placing outbound calls to consumers, and recommendations for staying in compliance.

As Shuster noted, “You don’t ever want to be surprised by a regulator or a plaintiff’s attorney sending a notice to you saying that they want to engage in litigation, or a regulator that wants all the information that your business has ever created in the last five years. It’s the scariest thing.”

Breakout session gave participants the opportunity to share best practices with oneanother about improving profitability and growth for their businesses.

“The breakout session was really good,” said Brian Spurgeon, Director of Call Centers for Long Home Products, “We were able to look at how the dialer has made our company more profitable. When you think about profitability, there are different things we looked at: One is compliance, right? If you’re not being litigated because of do not call or TCPA violations or whatever, you’re saving your company money. [Two], the dialer’s efficiency allows me to make more calls without hiring more and more agents to satisfy those calls. [And, third], we talked about how partnerships with other vendors that can support Convoso are important to your growth and to profitability. A number of things we talked about in the session I thought were good takeaways as we move into 2023, and we think about our growth strategies and what our vision for the company is for next year.”

Two customer success Convoso experts led deep dive product workshops that helped attendees better understand how to drive more value from the solutions with effective tools and intelligent strategies. 

“The Roadshow has been phenomenal,” said David Stodolak, President, Solar Direct Marketing. “I like being around really high-level thinkers and people that are making moves in the industry. Nothing but high-level thinkers here. Convoso has been one of those trusted partners for us that’s helped us grow tremendously. I can tell you, without doubt, they have been the best dialer we’ve used in all of my career.” 

The Southeast LeadGen Regional Roadshow began with a welcome reception on the evening of November 7, and gave participants numerous opportunities for professional networking during additional meals and happy hour.


About Convoso

Convoso is the industry leader of omnichannel contact center software for sales and lead generation teams. Since 2006, Convoso has continuously innovated its cloud based dialer solution to help outbound call centers drive profitability while supporting compliance with TCPA and other regulations. Convoso’s IVA is now in Beta. 

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