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Trusted software review platform Capterra released their call center software user review findings in 5 Key Call Center Software Features and Top Products That Offer Them.

The article highlights prime call center software features based on verified software user ratings, and identifies the highest-rated call center software solutions for each feature.

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Highest Rated Software for Reporting and Analytics

Convoso highest rated software for Reporting and Analytics feature with 4.5 of 5 by verified Capterra users

Convoso is one of three highest rated software solutions for Reporting and Analytics features, with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.

The article notes that reporting and analytics help

  • manage agent performance
  • boost productivity
  • identify areas needing improvement
  • improve training

Convoso Stands Out as One of the Top Key Featured Call Centre Software Solutions on Capterra

“Convoso offered the best package of outbound dialing capabilities, as well as extensive reporting. The previous dialer did not have the high-power capabilities to help us scale above a small team.” – Kyle A. 

Convoso’s powerful reporting and analytics help contact center managers monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and creates detailed reports for individual agents, teams, or the entire call center for analysis against set KPIs. 



“Convoso is very user-friendly which makes the system fun and easy to use, especially with higher call volumes. Having a quick reference on the dashboard to review call volumes, wait times, and usage is pretty cool, too.” – Jennifer J.

Utilizing real time data, managers can gain valuable insights and performance metrics from call handling time and agent performance to customer feedback and training needs.  

“The software increased our contact rates 3x which increased overall sales 3x. In addition, the reporting dashboards allowed us to vastly improve a number of efficiency and agent behavior issues.” – Heather G.

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Convoso Capterra Badge for Shortlist 2023

That’s not all. Convoso is also identified on Capterra’s 2023 Flagship Shortlist ReportsContact Center Software and Predictive Dialer Software


If you’re seeking an outbound call center software solution that not only prioritizes reporting and analytics, but reaches more leads faster to boost revenue, schedule a free demo with Convoso.


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