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It’s a Sweep! FTC, DOJ Announce Nationwide Enforcement Action, “Operation Stop Scam Calls”

Regulators and legislators are taking increasingly aggressive actions to stop illegal telemarketing calls and robocalls.

On July 18, those efforts reached an all time high when the FTC and DOJ announced “Operation Stop Scam Calls,” a joint agency crackdown “on telemarketers, lead generators, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers responsible for making or facilitating billions of illegal telemarketing calls.”

Read our coverage of the Feds’ big new enforcement action

OTSA Class Action Filed Against Office Depot, Heads to Federal Court

The Oklahoma Telephone Solicitation Act (OTSA) went into effect late last year and we are now beginning to see notable litigation resulting from it. Earlier this year, a class action was filed against Office Depot alleging violations of the OTSA’s dangerous autodialer restrictions…

This case was originally filed on May 24, 2023, and removed to federal court on July 12, 2023. We will continue to monitor this case as OTSA litigation could become an increasingly significant source of risk for callers.

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Consumer Data Privacy, Let’s Give a Warm Welcome to Two More States: Texas and Oregon join the Club

[After Oregon’s new law,] Texas also signed into law its own Consumer data privacy law last month with an effective date of July 1, 2024. Lots to look forward to next summer.

In Texas the new law is broader than some of the other states that have been passing similar laws. It applies to a person who conducts business in TX or produces a product or service consumed by a resident of TX; process or engages in the sale of personal data; and is not a small business as defined by the US small business administration, except for the requirements outlined in sec 541.107 for small businesses. Be sure to read through HB4 to see if you may be exempt.

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The FTC Just Said “Third party robocall lead generation is illegal under the Telemarketing Sales Rule” and this is Madness…

This just happened.

What in the backward talking madness is this?

Lead generation is illegal? Since when FTC? And… why FTC?

The FTC’s linkedin account MUST have been hacked, because there’s no way the agency would formally announce–without any NPRM, rulemaking or court determination–that lead generation is illegal.

That’s just… not true. And saying it on Linkedin doesn’t make it true.

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