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We aim to keep our customers and industry associates up-to-date with compliance news relevant to our industry, reported by Convoso and including curated news for our readers, courtesy this month from SheppardMullin, JacksonLewis, and Mintz.

FCC Spring Cleaning Initiative Cracks Down on Unlawful Robocalling Campaigns

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) “Spring Cleaning” initiative targets unlawful robocalling campaigns via inter-agency collaboration.

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Utah Adds to AI Law by Requiring Consumer-Facing Disclosures

The modification will require companies to respond “clearly and conspicuously” to an individual who asks if they are interacting with artificial intelligence.

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State Privacy Laws on the Rise

More states have enacted privacy laws designed to increase protections of consumers’ personal data and to regulate business use of consumer personal data. As of April 30, 2024, there are 15 states with comprehensive state privacy laws in place.

Understanding the New Jersey Privacy Act (NJPA)

Get the details on the comprehensive New Jersey Privacy Act (NJPA), signed into law, and learn what’s critical for your business.

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Kentucky Passes Consumer Privacy Data Law

Governor Andy Beshear signed into law Kentucky’s comprehensive privacy law. Learn what it entails for Kentucky consumers and businesses.

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Overview of Nebraska’s New Privacy Law

Learn about Nebraska’s new comprehensive privacy law and its implications for businesses and consumers in Nebraska.

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New Hampshire Enacts Comprehensive Privacy Law

Get the details and information you and your business need to know about the New Hampshire Privacy Act (NHPA), signed into law by Governor Sununu.

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