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contact.ioAt 2022 in Denver, Convoso’s Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Bobby Hakimi, sat down with Rob Seaver, Director of the Consumer Consent Council, for a discussion about the role and potential of Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) in contact centers.

During their wide-ranging conversation, “AI + Human Agents: What You Need to Know to Boost ROI,” Bobby covered the present and future capabilities of IVA, including a look at the power of Convoso’s own IVA solution.

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IVA Enhances Contact Center Productivity

In an environment where there simply aren’t enough people to handle calls,  tools driven by artificial intelligence like IVA offer solutions to make up for the shortfall and augment the job that agents do every day. 

“It helps us enhance things,” said Hakimi. “It can be used to intelligently route the call based on the data that we have. It can handle real-time QA and lead scoring.”

“But what I think the big thing for contact centers will be is having a front-facing IVA that gets rid of repetitive questions. Instead, the dialer can already ask those questions, dip into the database, see if the map is good for solar, and pre-qualify the lead before it transfers the call to an agent. Because those are questions that, nowadays, computers can handle. 

“And why not let the computers do the repetitive work and then transfer the call to humans to go over more complex details. We have to get rid of all these tedious tasks that people are doing—it’s a waste of their time and skills.”

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IVA Improves Customer Experience

Meanwhile, as IVA technology becomes better and better, and easier to train, it will only continue to improve the customer experience during both inbound and outbound calls.

“As IVA becomes more intelligent and more efficient, it’s going to be able to answer questions faster than a human would,” said Hakimi. “Unlike a human, IVA has access to unlimited data, and it’s going to be faster, more accurate, and more consistent in the support it delivers for consumers.”

During the panel, Hakimi discussed the success customers were already finding with the Convoso solution. So far, contact centers have found it particularly useful for dialing aged data. Rather than having agents spend time calling low-intent and aged leads, IVA handles it automatically, uncovering opportunities among older data while leaving the high-quality leads and more complex conversations for agents best equipped to handle them.

Enhancing productivity and improving experiences, IVA is a win-win for contact centers—and a great way to boost ROI. 

Best of all, the technology is in the beginning stage and it’s only up from here for IVA. Today’s contact centers have an opportunity to get out ahead of the growing trend. 

So why not get started today?

Contact your CSM to learn about testing IVA functionality. Not a Convoso customer?  Schedule a demo to see what Convoso’s powerful predictive dialer can deliver for your contact center.

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