Medigap Life Triples Revenue With Convoso Automation, Caller ID Management, and Predictive Dialer

Medigap Life Triples Revenue With Convoso Automation, Caller ID Management, and Predictive Dialer

October 4, 2023 | Convoso

Full-scale contact centers are incredibly complex operations. With hundreds of agents making millions of calls, even the smallest changes and decisions can have an outsized impact on performance. That’s why today’s teams need dialer software that’s built with this sense of scale and complexity in mind.

To shed light on the importance of finding that right fit at your large contact center, we called up Sean Chapman, Chief Technology Officer at Medigap Life, whose team transformed the way they contacted and converted customers with the help of Convoso.

Explore the Medigap Life story here to learn how Chapman’s Medicare lead gen and sales contact center overcame frustrations with platforms that didn’t meet their needs and ultimately tripled their revenue with the help of Convoso.

The Medigap Life Story


  • Costly dialer downtime and call placement issues
  • Over 25% of numbers labeled as spam
  • 10% of calls leaked to voicemail
  • Lack of automation and data integration limits efficiency


  • Powerful predictive dialer with best-in-class uptime
  • Comprehensive caller ID reputation management 
  • Gold-standard voicemail detection accuracy
  • Workflow automation and real-time dynamic scripting


  • 300% revenue growth over 1 year
  • 60-80% contact rates increase
  • 60% fewer DIDs labeled as spam
  • 40% fewer leaked voicemails

Convoso is an excellent dialing platform…Transitioning to Convoso, we saw an increase in contact rates and an improvement in our call quality issues and uptime. All of that is critically important when you’re running at scale with 500 users.” 

VICIDial and ChaseData Lag in Uptime and Call Connections as a Company Grows

When your organization is generating tens of thousands of leads and making millions of calls each day, you can’t afford to waste even a second. If your dialer software can’t stay online or isn’t connecting calls, you’re not just wasting seconds: your lost productivity will soon be measured by the hour.

Using ChaseData (now DialedIn) and then VICIdial, this was the everyday reality for Sean Chapman’s team of managers and agents at Medigap Life. As their team steadily expanded, issues of uptime and dependability only grew. The systems were simply not built to handle the scale and complexity of an operation like Medigap Life’s.

“When you’re on a VICIdial platform, you constantly have outages—whether it’s your phone carrier losing connectivity, whether it’s your system not making calls. [The system is] placing calls and thinks it’s dialing, but there’s no real numbers actually dialing.  Who wants to go through that?”

Solutions for Two Exasperating Issues Every Growing Outbound Contact Center Faces: Voicemail and Scam Likely

Like so many other businesses making thousands of sales and lead generation calls on a daily basis, Medigap’s contact rate to leads suffered as calls were thwarted by flagged DIDs and agents consistently encountered voicemail.

When call-flagging issues began to increase, Medigap Life’s contact rates fell—and they lacked transparency and tools to take action. Chapman and his team needed a serious upgrade in their dialer to continue growing.

Surveying the field of software options, they learned about Convoso’s ClearCallerID™ platform for caller ID reputation management and decided to give it a try.

After a successful 20-agent trial, Medigap Life soon transitioned its entire roster of 200+ agents to the Convoso platform. Within days, the team knew they had made the right decision, as their call quality improved and their contact rates took off, increasing by as much as 80%.

Caller ID Reputation Management and Voicemail Detection Issues Solved Where Other Dialers Staggered

According to Chapman, two solutions were at the heart of this overnight performance increase: ClearCallerID™️ and Convoso’s gold-standard answering machine detection

Before Convoso, at least 1 in 4 of Medigap Life’s DIDs were being labeled as “Spam Risk” or “Scam Likely.”

With ClearCallerID™️, Chapman’s team can identify which numbers are flagged by which carriers and take action. They use scheduling tools to set up smarter, more strategic dialing cadences to avoid flags in the first place.

As a result, less than 1 in 10 of their calls are now flagged. That’s a drop from over 25% flagged DIDs to fewer than 10%.

Meanwhile, Convoso’s fast answering machine detection software gave them industry-leading accuracy straight out of the gate. Chapman says that without taking time to tune it up as they had with previous solutions, their agents were being connected with up to 3 times fewer voicemails.

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Medigap Life’s Increasing Complexity Required an Integrated System with Reliability and Sophistication

In Chapman’s view, what Convoso delivered in terms of dependable uptime and data-driven sophistication were almost better than these contact rate increases. 

After moving to Convoso, he no longer had to deal with the headaches of costly, almost constant service interruptions. With Convoso, Medigap Life enjoys 99.9% uptime and top-notch deliverability.

Plus, Convoso is able to support the organization’s growth—not only in headcount but in complexity. Operations like Medigap Life don’t just need a powerful dialer, they need a solution that can deliver granular data insights and integrate seamlessly with their entire sales technology stack.

With robust Open APIs, the dialer is integrated with over 30 other platforms and tools, ranging from a CRM to a lead management system and custom metrics tools.

Convoso’s reporting and automation tools fuel campaign optimization and streamlined workflows across the entire stack. Chapman can track crucial KPIs and fine-tune their strategies both during the Annual Enrollment Period and all year round.

“Convoso is an excellent dialing platform. And it gives you an excellent ability to integrate with other solutions.”

Consistent, Quality Support Simplifies Transition

It’s not only the dialer’s consistency and customizability that’s a breath of fresh air for the Medigap Life team. 

With their previous dialers, when they had an issue, Chapman and his team struggled to ever get someone on the line to help them. Asked why they left ChaseData when they did, Chapman first summed it up with one question: “Have you ever called their support?”

By contrast, Chapman says, Convoso is always there when they need them, even long after supporting their impactful transition to the platform.

“[Convoso’s support] is something that we can depend on, and it’s consistent, which is the most important part.”

New Tools Help Managers Get the Most Out of Their Teams

Monitoring, managing, and coaching hundreds of agents is no easy task—or at least it didn’t used to be. With Convoso, agents themselves can use customizable dashboards to better understand the performance of their own internal campaigns, as well as their call logs, active time, and other metrics that drive accountability.

Meanwhile, managers have a range of tools at their disposal that help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the coaching process. 

Chapman particularly enjoys that, using dynamic scripting and an integration from our partners at Balto, managers can analyze performance and coach based on script activity. Whenever an agent goes off script—or something on-script doesn’t work—managers can address it with an agent offline.

Convoso’s support and development teams were also able to support Medigap Life’s metrics-driven managers with the creation of a custom feature.

Using a bespoke call count limitation, managers can automatically move agents off of high-value campaigns if they reach a given number of calls and have not maintained a minimum conversion rate. As with the rest of Convoso’s suite of tools, it’s designed to make the most out of agent and manager time, as well as costly leads, for maximum sales efficiency.

The ROI and Growth Continue: Medigap Life Triples Its Revenues in 12-Month Span

Between soaring contact rates and reliable uptime, the team members at Medigap Life have been a lot busier of late—but in the best possible way. Since switching dialers, Convoso has helped drive an incredible run of growth. In return for their investment in our comprehensive dialer platform, Medigap Life recently tripled its revenue in the span of just 12 months.

Looking to drive that kind of growth at your call center? Chapman said that, for decision-makers thinking about sticking with low-cost and low-performing alternatives to Convoso, it all starts with asking yourself one thing:

“The real question is, ‘What’s the ROI?’ not ‘How expensive is the cost?’”

Take the first step toward scaling your contact center today. Schedule a free demo of our predictive dialer software and see for yourself the difference Convoso delivers.

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