Home Services Contact Center Sets 67% More Appointments with Convoso Speed to Lead, Reporting, and More

Home Services Contact Center Sets 67% More Appointments with Convoso Speed to Lead, Reporting, and More

November 28, 2023 | Convoso

For so many companies, outbound contact centers are the sales and marketing engine that powers growth. Or at least they’re meant to be.

Without the right software and tools, too many contact centers fail to live up to their full potential. And particularly, without automation, customization, and speed, they can fall way behind their competitors.

To understand just how crucial the right dialer software can be for today’s contact centers, we had a conversation with Brian Spurgeon, Contact Center Director at Long Home Products, whose team has undergone a transformational shift in the way they contact leads and set appointments over the last two years.

Read the Long Home Products story below to see how this home services lead generation team automated and optimized their way toward nearly twice as many appointments—and a brighter future—with the help of the Convoso dialer.

The Long Home Products Story

Their Challenges

  • Slow speed to lead in competitive industry
  • Low contact rates
  • Inefficient dialing strategies
  • Lack of data insights into calling practices

Our Solution

  • Powerful predictive dialer with industry-leading speed to lead
  • Granular, automated contact center reporting tools
  • Comprehensive caller ID reputation management
  • Dedicated customer support team
  • StateTracker tool for mini-TCPA compliance

The Results

  • 67% increase in appointment set rates
  • Dramatic increases in contact rates
  • Average speed to lead reduced from over 2 minutes to just seconds
  • State-of-the-art configurability unlocks successful data-driven strategies
  • Automated compliance support for multi-state dialing campaigns

Convoso has really been a game-changer for us as a company, in terms of how much our agents can output to our teams [in the field]. We’re seeing levels of appointments and demos that we’ve never seen before.”

Brian Spurgeon, Contact Center Director, Long Home Products

Manual Dialing Leaves Company Behind Competition

Talking to Long Home Products Contact Center Director Brian Spurgeon about life before Convoso, he asked us to imagine a scenario:

Your business is regularly adding around 12,000 new leads. You have 40 agents whose goal is to get those leads on the phone and set an appointment for a roof, bath, or window replacement. But these agents are manually dialing each and every one of those numbers.

No matter how fast your agents could dial through their lists, there’s no way they were going to be fast enough to be efficient and effective. 

In a home services industry where leads are hotly contested, Long Home Products agents couldn’t get to their leads in time. Their contact rates were “abysmal,” according to Spurgeon.

In fact, competitors were often setting appointments before they even called

And speed wasn’t the only issue. A manual dialing process leaves little room for strategy and optimization. All the team could do was dial and dial and dial, fueling Spam Likely labels and frustration among both leads and agents.

Choosing Convoso Over Five9 Sets New Performance Benchmarks

The Long Home Products contact center needed a dialing solution—but which one? Their search narrowed their options down to Convoso and Five9.

Ultimately, they chose Convoso because of the dialer’s industry-best speed to lead and configurability. Plus, a month-to-month contract allowed them to “kick the tires” before making a long-term investment, as they would have needed to do with Five9.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the team to feel the impact of their new solution. Switching to a powerful predictive dialer, there was immediately a new energy on the Long Home Products sales floor: agents were talking to more people, setting more appointments, driving more demos, and making more money. Success didn’t just come quickly—it was contagious.

After just six months with the dialer, Spurgeon said that he had to ask himself, “Are my KPIs too low?” With agents setting new records across metrics, such as hours per set and hours per demo, Spurgeon needed to set the team’s sights on much higher goals.

“It’s really been a game changer for us as a company, in terms of how much our agents can output to our teams. We’re seeing levels of appointments and demos that we’ve never seen before in the company.”

Strategic Lead Management and Dialing Drive 67% More Appointment Sets

In hindsight, Spurgeon says that this immediate impact was just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, they were still just beginning to understand all the ways they could customize and optimize their approach to dialing leads.

Convoso is really state-of-the-art in terms of how you approach strategy on a daily basis,” Spurgeon says.

He notes that there are lots of decisions about how to use this dialer, and that they’re all critical to successfully setting appointments and to the success of the company. So, as time has gone on, they continue to find ways to fine-tune their approach. 

With Convoso, Spurgeon can adjust dialing levels based on wait times to maximize agent productivity. He can recycle and move leads between lists based on a wide variety of statuses to maximize their value. 

All the while, they’re able to use a custom API script to achieve massive improvements in speed to lead. Instead of new leads going uncalled for several minutes or more, the Long Home Products team can now automatically prioritize its warmest, ready-to-convert leads and call within just seconds, with the help of Convoso’s proprietary DX5 dialer engine. And rather than overdial customers, they utilize workflow automation tools to create data-driven dialing cadences, placing just five calls or fewer at the right times of day.

With their increasingly optimized strategies, the Long Home Products team is driving unprecedented performance, with agents setting 67% more appointments they were previously—all while agent hours only increased 9% YoY. 

“We’ve had a really tremendous last four or five months—some of the best that the company’s ever had—and we could not do it without Convoso as our dialer.”

Granular Data Supports Experimentation and Innovation

Whether it’s sharing updates with company leadership or identifying opportunities for coaching, granular, real-time insights help the Long Home team make data-driven decisions that continue to fuel revenue growth.

Reporting is so easy to do with Convoso,” says Spurgeon, who receives automated updates on a custom array of KPIs and metrics every two hours. On top of performance data, he’s also been able to create a custom report that identifies poor-performing lead aggregators and bad numbers.

Not only do these insights keep managers informed and partners in check, but they also help foster a culture of experimentation and innovation. With access to real-time data, it’s easier than ever for the team to test new approaches and make positive changes.

“We love data. It’s one of our key principles here, that data and facts set you free from emotion. And Convoso helps us do that.”

New Tools Make DID Management and State Compliance Support a Cinch

As Contact Center Director, Spurgeon’s job isn’t just to keep field agents fed with a steady supply of leads. It’s also, as he says, to keep the company “out of hot water.” And dialing leads across multiple states, supporting compliance is typically no simple task.

However, with the help of a new tool designed especially for the needs of outbound dialing teams like theirs, Spurgeon says supporting compliance has never been easier. 

After onboarding with Convoso, the Long Home Products team got early access to our StateTracker™ solution. The only campaign management tool designed specifically to support compliance with new Mini-TCPA state laws, StateTracker uses rules-based automation to reduce the risk of human error and support compliance with each state’s unique restrictions. 

Plus, with ClearCallerID™, Long Home Products has gained transparency into which of their caller IDs have been marked as potential spam by major carriers—and can rely on Convoso’s managed services to register, replace, and remediate flagged numbers. Agents are dialing with more clean caller IDs and reaching more leads than ever before.

“Compliance is a very big deal. Convoso does a great job of staying on top of it…It’s very important to them, and you can tell.”

Even More Possibilities to Improve Performance with Convoso

Over a year and a half into their partnership with Convoso, the Long Home Products team might be most excited about the fact that there’s still so much within the Convoso platform to explore.

On the back of record-setting performance, they’re looking forward to reaching new heights and exploring new capabilities with the help of Convoso’s dedicated support team. In the year ahead, they plan to dig into Convoso’s scripting software offerings, which they’ll leverage to speed up agent training times and—with the help of integrations with Balto and Salesforce—harness even more performance data. 

It’s just one more way, among many, that the Convoso dialer is helping Long Home Products make the most of their investment.

“I’ve been on RingCentral, and I’ve been on Cisco and a couple of others. Sometimes when you get a dialer, it’s ‘out of the box.’ What you get is what you get…With Convoso, you can build a campaign the way you want to build it…There’s a lot of different things you can do with the configuration to help you strategize and win the day.”

Take the first step toward scaling your contact center today. Schedule a free demo of our predictive dialer software and see for yourself the difference Convoso delivers.

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