A Wrap on Lead Generation World 2020: Q&A With LGW CEO Michael Ferree

A Trade Show to Remember

We started the year off right with a dynamic industry trade show at Lead Generation World.  The 2020 Denver conference proved an amazing opportunity to network with both new and familiar faces. Together, we learned more about the challenges and solutions taking place in the changing lead gen industry.

Convoso CEO and CoFounder Nima Hakimi and Sr Customer Success Manager Juan Rivera participated on a panel moderated by LeadsCouncil Executive Director Rob Seaver sharing perspectives on “The Three Efficiencies That Drive Call Center Performance… and How to Improve Them.”  Some great questions from Rob and from the audience inspired insightful tips from the panelists to improve efficiencies for leads, agents, and managers for greater ROI.

Catch the panel discussion video in our Company Updates.



Interview with Michael Ferree

This was the maiden voyage for Lead Generation World, so we grabbed a few minutes with CEO and Founder Michael Ferree to talk about how this conference got started, its purpose, and how it serves both the attendees and the lead gen industry.

Q:  Michael, there are several other conferences focused on the lead gen industry. What’s different about Lead Generation World? Why add another?

A:  The key difference is that Lead Generation World is a community event put on by the lead gen community, not an event company. For companies to be successful in the lead generation industry, and for the industry to grow as a whole, best practices for both buyers and sellers must be continually shared and expanded upon. We want to facilitate those opportunities in an affordable way.


Q:  What’s your background in the industry that led you to start this organization?

A:  Well, I have a passion for helping companies navigate this ecosystem, which is why I launched Lead Generation World. Initially I entered the lead gen ecosystem as a lead buyer for a large mortgage company in San Diego. Since I also spent a portion of my career as a lead seller, I know first hand the challenges that both lead buyers and sellers face on a daily basis.


Q:  How would you describe the key goals of Lead Generation World?

A:  We want to see consumers experience an exceptional process. We want to see lead generators creating high quality leads with high intent, and we want to see lead buyers be able to successfully close as many leads as possible. These are the areas we focus our content and networking events around, which is what we hope the attendees to our event experienced.


Q:   How was this conference different from others in the lead gen industry?

A:   As former attendees and exhibitors at other industry events, we didn’t want to follow the typical cookie cutter conference format. We wanted our exhibitors and sponsors to get the most bang for their buck, and moreover, we wanted our attendees to get the most from their investment as well! This is why we worked really hard to create numerous networking events throughout the show, and focused heavily on keeping the exhibit hall floor busy. It was a value-packed three days!


Q:  So I guess that means we’ll be doing this again next year?

A:  You can count on it. In the meantime, we have two other major events in October:  A CEO Retreat in Newport Beach and another tradeshow conference similar to Denver, but this one will be in London. We’ll be keeping up with industry changes throughout the year to bring the very latest content and expertise to the 2021 Lead Generation World.

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