The Top Lead Generation Software and Tools for 2024

The Top Lead Generation Software and Tools for 2024

March 18, 2024 | Convoso

Sales Generation Software Buyer’s Guide

Lead generation is a core, and crucial, driver for sales organizations. It’s also time-consuming and occasionally tedious. And, importantly, considered by the majority of marketers to be their team’s biggest challenge.

Luckily, there are a growing number of increasingly sophisticated software options and tools available to help. Think, automation and AI-driven.

In this guide, we break down 10 of the best available to help you find smarter sales lead generation software and, ultimately, greater sales and more growth.

What is Lead Generation Software?

Lead generation software is a category of tools specifically designed to transform the way businesses attract, engage, and convert potential customers. 

As technology continues to revolutionize marketing and sales, possessing the right lead generation software has become indispensable for unlocking efficiency and improving the effectiveness of the lead generation process. A diverse range of solutions are available to help businesses target the right audience, create compelling offers, and streamline communication while saving time throughout the sales cycle.

Whether it’s automating outreach efforts, building high-converting landing pages, or providing in-depth analytics, the best sales lead generation software offers specialized functions to address every stage of the process. Businesses can leverage tools that specialize in lead identification, lead nurturing, lead qualification, and even tools designed to improve the quality of sales conversations.

By deploying the right lead generation software—including a mix of those covered below to enrich your tech stack—teams can enhance productivity, personalize customer interactions, and ultimately boost lead conversion rates.

10 Best Lead Generation Software Solutions and Tools

Ready to supercharge your lead generation? Explore this curated selection of software solutions featuring a wide range of capabilities, from outbound dialing and email marketing to landing page creation and compliance support.

Convoso logo


Lead generation and sales are a contact sport. If you can’t get in touch with your prospects, you won’t generate, qualify, and nurture enough leads—and you won’t convert them into customers.

Supported by the most powerful dialer engine available, Convoso provides outbound lead generation and sales teams with industry-leading speed to lead alongside automation-driven ease-of-use and a full suite of productivity-enhancing features. Drive constant improvement in your outreach efforts with deep reporting insights and analytics, automate lead follow-up across channels with workflow automation tools, and maximize your contact rates with the help of caller ID reputation management solutions and managed services.

Place this lead generation engine at the center of your sales stack, integrate it with CRMs and lead gen tools of your choice, and create a more streamlined workflow that accelerates your sales cycle. Meanwhile, gain access to Convoso’s cutting-edge conversational AI solution,, to automate lead generation conversations, scheduling, and more to achieve incredible new scale.

What users say: “I highly recommend CONVOSO’s dialer. It has increased our team’s productivity and efficiency with intelligent call routing, advanced reporting and analytics, and seamless integration with our CRM. Its user-friendly interface and valuable insights make it an indispensable tool for any sales team looking to maximize their performance.” – Manuel S. on G2

Learn how the Convoso dialer helps dramatically increase contact and conversion rates

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SalesForce logo


As a powerhouse in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) world, Salesforce provides a comprehensive suite of tools to nurture leads throughout their entire journey. Salesforce allows you to track communications, segment leads effectively, and personalize marketing campaigns based on extensive data-driven insights. Its adaptability makes it a cornerstone lead-generation tool for businesses of varying sizes and industries. Plus, Salesforce’s vast ecosystem of integrations expands its capabilities even further.

What users say: “Salesforce platform tools are helping reduce the time taken to do monotonous and administrative tasks. Flows specifically are helping to simplify the lead generation process by automating repetitive tasks and managing accounts, contacts, and opportunities. This helps our Sales Agents and Marketing teams close deals more efficiently and convert leads into opportunities faster.” – Deepak S. on G2

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator unlocks the true power of LinkedIn’s vast professional network for lead generation, making it a highly revered tool among B2B lead generators. Utilize its advanced search filters, targeted messaging tools (InMails), and in-depth company insights. Sales Navigator facilitates hyper-focused prospecting and allows you to build meaningful relationships with decision-makers within your target industry. It also provides valuable sales intelligence, keeping your team informed of key updates and opportunities.

What users say: “I love it. It has helped me effectively prospect, generating conversations worth over 1 million annually…Essential for any professional in sales, thanks to account updates and wealth of contact information.” – Steven M. on Capterra 

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Hubspot Marketing Hub logo

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a robust inbound marketing platform that provides a seamless experience for attracting and converting leads. It offers tools for website creation, blogging, SEO optimization, email marketing, social media promotion, and robust analytics. Its focus on attracting organic leads through quality content makes it a powerful tool for lead generation, especially for businesses looking to bolster their inbound strategies.

What users say: “What I appreciate most about HubSpot Marketing Hub is its comprehensive integration capabilities. It allows us to seamlessly merge all our marketing channels into a single, unified platform…The user-friendly interface and robust analytics tools have been instrumental in enhancing our decision-making process, providing us with clear insights to optimize our strategies. Moreover, its automation features have saved us considerable time, allowing our team to focus more on creative and strategic tasks rather than getting bogged down in routine operations.” – Santiago A. on G2

Pipedrive logo


Pipedrive is a user-friendly CRM and sales pipeline management solution designed with a strong focus on the sales pipeline. Its visual interface and customizable workflows make it easy to track leads, prioritize tasks, and close deals. Pipedrive’s intuitive design enhances sales efficiency, contributing to increased lead conversions. Additionally, it offers features like email integration and deal forecasting to empower sales teams, while specialized lead generation tools like the LeadBooster add-on offer chatbot, live chat, lead database access, and more.

What users say: “Pipedrive CRM is an excellent tool for managing sales processes and keeping track of customer interactions. With its intuitive interface and robust features, Pipedrive makes it easy to stay organized and efficient when dealing with a large volume of leads and deals.” – Angel on G2

Unbounce logo


Unbounce specializes in creating high-converting landing pages. It offers a drag-and-drop builder, A/B testing capabilities, and integrations with popular marketing tools. Optimize your campaigns for lead capture by designing compelling landing pages with Unbounce, which is essential for generating leads through paid advertising or targeted content. Unbounce also includes features like pop-ups and sticky bars to further maximize conversions.

What users say: [With Unbounce it’s] super easy to build landing pages from scratch or from a variety of available templates…and to integrate your forms or to your CRM…[Plus, it’s] super easy to build and train new team members in Unbounce.” – Mary D. on G2

Brevo logo


Brevo (formerly known as Sendinblue) provides both marketing and sales platforms designed to streamline customer interactions. It offers a range of options for engaging potential leads across various channels, including email, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns. This multi-channel approach allows for targeted and personalized outreach, increasing the potential to connect with leads where they are most likely to engage. Its focus on automating initial lead engagement helps streamline the lead generation process, freeing up your sales team to focus on high-potential leads.

What users say: “Brevo is a powerful marketing tool that I have had the pleasure of using. Its user-friendly interface and smooth functionality greatly enhance the overall experience. Compared to other similar tools, Brevo stands out with its exceptional performance and efficient features, making it a valuable asset for any marketing professional. Brevo Marketing Platform helps solve the business problem of efficient lead generation and conversion, benefiting users by improving their marketing campaign performance and increasing ROI.” – Pooja T. on G2


Mailchimp is a well-established email marketing and automation platform known for its ease of use. It’s ideal for managing email campaigns, crafting newsletters, and creating automated workflows. Mailchimp’s segmentation tools and customizable templates help nurture leads with targeted messaging. Plus, its reporting and analytics allow you to track email campaign performance and refine your approach. Recently, the platform has begun adding generative AI-powered solutions to help teams develop effective email content in less time.

What users say: “Mailchimp’s renowned promotional platform offers robust e-commerce options and AI-powered tools that make it a fantastic multichannel email marketing hub.” – PC Magazine, in a 4.5-star review

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Zapier logo


Zapier acts as a bridge between various software tools, automating workflows and eliminating repetitive tasks. Integrate your lead generation tools with Zapier to streamline processes like transferring lead data between platforms, sending notifications, and updating lead statuses, among many other things. This powerful automation saves valuable time and enhances your lead generation efficiency, allowing you to develop a fully integrated, unified, and data-driven process.

What users say: “We were looking for an efficient way to streamline our lead capture processes and found Zapier to be the solution. It has allowed us to automate much more than just lead categorization, seamlessly storing each new inquiry where it needs to be and adding it to a relevant CRM campaign based on their behavior. This saves us time by removing all the manual work involved in managing campaigns, and enables better conversions as we can now tailor them based on segmented data points without any extra effort.” – Diana S. on G2

ActiveProspect logo


ActiveProspect empowers businesses to prioritize transparency and consumer trust in their lead generation strategies. Their solutions are designed to support ethical, consent-based marketing programs, helping support and streamline compliance with regulations like the TCPA. 

ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm solution captures consumer consent in a clear and verifiable format, providing documented proof that leads have opted in to receiving communications. This suite of tools allows businesses to scale their lead acquisition with confidence, knowing that they prioritize consumer choice and data protection.

What users say: “TrustedForm allows our company to have peace of mind that our leads are generated ethically and verifiable.” – Cody S. on G2

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Balto logo


Balto revolutionizes conversations in contact centers and sales environments with its cutting-edge real-time guidance and generative AI capabilities. The software acts as a ‘digital copilot’ during live calls, providing agents with instant suggestions, tailored responses, and ensuring adherence to best practices. 

Balto’s generative AI analyzes conversations as they happen, offering contextually relevant prompts to help agents navigate objections, close deals, and provide exceptional customer experiences. Designed for seamless integration, Balto works alongside popular contact center and sales platforms, including Convoso, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity.

What users say: “Balto has helped my team to have meaningful conversations thus increasing our conversion rate. Checklist (sample questions to understand the business need) and Dynamic Prompts (suggested rebuttals) are the most used features of my team. As a leader, I like their reporting and analytics and Call Explorer which helped me coach my reps effectively.” – Irene C. on G2

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How to Choose Contact Center Software

What to Look for Before Choosing Lead Generation Software

Choosing the right stack of lead generation software will not only help your sales agents or representatives focus more on the tasks that truly matter, but it will also make them more effective at those tasks.

This combination of efficiency and efficacy is essential for driving increased leads and conversions for your business. Far too many sales teams spend excessive time on repetitive manual processes or chasing down leads that aren’t a good fit. According to McKinsey, poorer- performing sales teams typically spend a disproportionate amount of their timemore than 50% in some cases—attempting to convert and serve customers that ultimately contribute 20% or less to the company’s revenues.

Your lead generation software should help you address both of these challenges in order to scale your business. Above all, look for solutions that automate time-consuming tasks, provide robust lead scoring and qualification, offer intuitive dashboards for data analysis, and help you consistently reach your leads—the most important task in this contact sport.

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