Insurance Lead Gen Giant Gains Contacts, Call Quality, and Revenue With Convoso

Insurance Lead Gen Giant Gains Contacts, Call Quality, and Revenue With Convoso

May 3, 2023 | Convoso

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As an online insurance broker working with major providers in a variety of verticals, Cambridge, MA-based EverQuote relies heavily on its lead gen call center to qualify and connect consumers to the affordable, personalized policies they need. 

We chatted with Manager of Call Operations, Dave Pevsner, to hear more about how his team’s switch to Convoso has proven crucial to their recent successes—and helped build a foundation for more growth in the future.

EverQuote Insurance offerings_homepage screenshotLead Gen Challenges

  • Previous dialers lack power and speed to consistently dial through large lead supplies
  • Quality assurance team members lacked tools to drive high-impact improvements
  • Candidate dialer vendors incapable of providing custom CRM integration

Our Solution

  • Powerful cloud-based dialer solution custom-built to work in tandem with proprietary CRM and widespread virtual teams
  • Early access to beta of software integration with Observe.AI conversational intelligence solution for QA
  • Dynamic scripting software to keep on message and in compliance
  • Full suite of features offers platform for future A/B testing and optimization opportunities

Their Results

  • Sizable increase in call volume boosts list penetration
  • Unmatched speed to lead drives more contacts and increases conversion opportunities
  • Enhanced call quality and consistency bolster revenue growth
  • Improved TCPA and state-by-state call compliance support
  • Easy agent onboarding with dynamic scripting


Speed to Lead Drives More Contacts and More Transfers

With over 150 agents and a large number of incoming leads to contact and qualify, the EverQuote pre-sales operation is built around the goal of calling more leads and doing so faster. For a long time, of course, they just needed a dialer that could match that focus. 

Multiple Dial Modes

Switching to the Convoso dialer, Pevsner’s team immediately found that dialer, and also gained the flexibility of choosing between predictive dialing and power dialing modes based on the needs of each campaign. 

Warmest Leads Receive Highest Priority

Even more importantly, no matter which mode they’re in, Convoso’s workflow dialing capability automatically prioritizes higher-intent leads to ensure they’re contacted with unmatched speed to lead. As a result, EverQuote is able to drive more contacts and more conversions day in and day out. 


“The biggest impact that Convoso has had on our business is speed to lead. The ability to reach a lot of consumers more quickly is what any campaign dialer should be delivering–and that’s exactly what we’re using Convoso for.”


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Integration with Observe.AI Unlocks Post-Call Insights and Improvements

Before their move to Convoso, EverQuote’s dedicated quality assurance team wasn’t short on talent, but a lack of tech options meant they still had untapped potential. As Pevsner puts it their team did great work, but “sometimes, a team is only as good as the tools that they’re given.” 

Sneak Peek at New Software Integration Pays Off

The timing of their software switch, and the new tools that came with it, couldn’t have been better: The QA team was able to get in on a beta test for a new software integration with call analytics platform Observe.AI. And it didn’t take long for this test to have an impact—an impact felt all the way down on their bottom line. 

More Quality Calls = More Conversions = More Revenue

Using the cutting-edge tools at their disposal, reps can lean on real-time guidance for more effective conversations. Plus, QA team members are able to analyze agent behaviors, understand which are trends and which are one-offs, and better instruct agents with the help of robust post-call analytics. 

With its teams working in sync, EverQuote is delivering more high-quality transfers into the hands of their insurance agents.


“A high-quality call that leads to a high-quality transfer to an insurance agent is more likely to lead to a lead actually buying the insurance policy. So, the better we’re able to warm that call up and get that lead excited to be transferred, the better it is for everybody.”


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Scripting Gives Agents What They Need for State-Specific Compliance

The advanced real-time guidance isn’t the only assistance agents are getting during calls now, either.

Compliance Complexity Requires Better Tools

As more and more states enact their own stringent “mini-TCPA” laws and others frequently change specific call requirements, supporting compliant conversations only becomes more complex. In the face of this fast-evolving patchwork of regulations, it’s a tall order to expect agents to remember each and every one of these rules necessary to maintain compliance and avoid costly fines.

Dynamic Scripting, Targeted Reminders

Luckily, the new integration makes it easy for the team to add reminders for EverQuote agents about important state requirements.

Take the example of calling into Arkansas, a so-called “no-rebuttal” state: Agents can receive a reminder at the top of a call script not to rebuttal customers located in Arkansas. Reps can then proceed according to a script that updates in real-time in response to a prospect’s reactions. These dynamic scripts keep reps on message and greatly speed up the crucial process of onboarding new agents.


“Convoso has allowed us to put [state-specific compliance reminders] right at the beginning of our scripts.”


Dedicated Partnership Offers Custom Capability and Always-On Assistance

Ultimately, Pevsner says part of his team’s successes can be chalked up not just to the help of Convoso’s technology but the ongoing partnership that came as part of a package deal.

Technical Expertise Supports Custom Solution

When EverQuote went searching for an outbound solution that could work in tandem with their unique in-house CRM and call scheduler, Pevsner says Convoso was the only provider to step up to the challenge. Faced with a complex implementation and onboarding phase, the know-how of a dedicated Technical Account Manager helped smooth the process and accelerate EverQuote’s path to success.

Open Lines of Communications

Even well after this initial period, Evernote and their dedicated Customer Success team members maintain frequent standing meetings to go over updates on new capabilities and ensure they’re getting the utmost out of their dialer setup. Pevsner praised this arrangement for helping create an easy rapport between teams and a strong relationship built on a foundation of open communication.


“The speed of communication has always been great. Everyone has been quick to give me answers.”


Get Dramatic Results for YOUR Call Center

Convoso is the ultimate dialer solution for sales and lead generation teams. Our outbound call center customers report dramatic increases in contact rates of up to 3X when they switch to our omnichannel contact center software, giving them higher conversions and significantly improved ROI.

The Convoso system works best with 20 or more seats and scales efficiently to over 1000 seats to meet enterprise-level requirements. See for yourself with a live demo how Convoso can help to boost the productivity of your outbound contact center operations.

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