Health Insurance Sales Scripts: How to Craft a Winning Pitch

Health Insurance Sales Scripts: How to Craft a Winning Pitch

October 5, 2023 | Convoso

When you’re selling health insurance, you’re vying with other health insurance agents and agencies to get the attention of consumers seeking the best health insurance plan for their needs.

You get the right plans in place. You improve your branding, attend the right events, and run well-timed email and ad campaigns.

But the truth is, to convert more of your health insurance leads, you simply need the right script.

With the right health insurance sales pitch, you can hook interested prospects and help them get over the line—whether that means transferring them to a closer or closing them yourself. 

Use these tips to improve your messaging, and download our top health insurance sales script samples for even more help building a winning approach.

Know What You’re Selling

Understanding the product you’re selling is foundational to success in any sales endeavor. For health insurance, this means having a deep knowledge of the plans you offer. 

Recognize your plans’ strengths, weaknesses, costs, and benefits. When you genuinely understand your offerings, you can communicate them with confidence and accurately match plans to individual needs. This not only establishes your credibility but also instills trust in potential customers, assuring them that they’re receiving the best advice and options. 

Crucially, as with many of these tips, it will help you as the conversation sometimes inevitably strays from your health insurance sales script. While scripts offer a guide, you’ll ultimately have to show that you’re an expert to get many sales over the line.

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Know Who You’re Selling To

Every potential customer has a unique set of needs, backgrounds, and concerns. By understanding your audience, you can tailor your sales pitch to resonate with them. This means not only knowing the general demographics but also recognizing the shifting trends in health concerns, financial capacities, and regional peculiarities. 

A young family’s health insurance needs will be different from a single individual or a retiree looking for a Medicare Advantage plan. By grasping these nuances, you can position your product in a manner that feels relevant and essential to the individual.

Personalize from the Start

The power of personalization can’t be overstated. From the onset, reminding a warm lead of how they opted in to be contacted and integrating any other personal details you have at your disposal can get your conversation on a path toward conversion. 

Instead of feeling like a transaction, your call can seem more like a custom consultation. Addressing someone by their name and referencing specific details they’ve shared (like a recent medical procedure or family situation) can foster a genuine connection, making the potential client feel valued and understood.

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Get to Know Them with the Right Questions

Once you establish interest with your script opener and can continue with the call, you need to ask all the right questions. 

Open-ended questions, in particular, are a powerful sales tool. They invite customers to share more about their lives, concerns, and aspirations. By asking questions like, “What are your most significant health-related worries?” or “What has been your past experience with health insurance?”, you can uncover pain points and tailor your pitch to address them directly. It positions you not just as a salesperson, but as a consultant looking out for their best interests.

Incorporate Active Listening

While it’s essential to ask the right questions, it’s equally vital to listen actively to the answers. This involves fully concentrating, understanding, and responding to what the other person is saying. 

Active listening is about being present in the conversation, offering feedback, and not rushing to the next point in the script. This approach ensures that potential clients feel heard and valued, creating a stronger rapport and trust.

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Avoid Jargon

The world of health insurance can be filled with terms and concepts unfamiliar to the average person. While it might be tempting to showcase your expertise by using industry-specific terms, it’s crucial to prioritize clarity. Instead of using jargon, break down complex ideas into simple, relatable language. This ensures that potential clients grasp the benefits and intricacies of what you’re offering, leading to more informed decisions.

Regularly Update and Test Your Scripts

The insurance landscape, along with consumer needs and preferences, is always evolving. It’s essential to keep your sales script dynamic and updated to reflect these changes. 

Additionally, regularly testing different script versions can provide insights into what resonates most with potential clients. Sometimes, results in the field and direct feedback from your agents is the best way to improve your health insurance sales scripts. This iterative process of refining the script ensures that it remains relevant, effective, and in tune with market demands.

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Ready to get started writing your new best health insurance scripts? The sample scripts and pitches we’ve compiled here are a great way to kick things off. Use the openers and tips in our free downloadable guide to begin building a sales pitch that works—and start growing your business. 

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