Customer Spotlight: One Health Direct Launches Genesis, a CRM Tailor-Made for Patients & Healthcare Providers

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The healthcare system is full of complexities, hurdles, and outright roadblocks for both patients and providers. With its new operational CRM system, Genesis, Convoso customer One Health Direct (OHD) aims to make delivering and receiving care more efficient and effective for all involved.

As a holistic operational system built specifically for healthcare, Genesis streamlines processes throughout the operational cycle, from patient acquisition to product fulfillment and even continuing support—all while supporting compliance.

“One Health Direct’s mission in building this system is to enable patients to receive better treatment solutions to effectively and efficiently manage chronic healthcare issues,” said Alois Rubenbauer, founder and CEO of One Health Direct, in a press release.

“The goal of creating Genesis is to make the process simple, quick, and compliant for the prescribing physician and staff through automation. Our in-house technology team has accomplished just that and exceeded expectations with this launch.”

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A Robust System Designed with Providers and Their Patients in Mind

As a nationwide direct-to-consumer marketing, engagement, and facilitation brand, One Health Direct is intimately familiar with the needs and frustrations of both patients and their providers as they pursue affordable and quality care.

Working with the Convoso system, OHD effectively mastered the art of efficient outreach and quickly scaled their high-volume marketing practice. 

However, as they have connected countless patients to providers, they came to an important realization: The well-known CRMs often used to support healthcare operations aren’t actually well-suited for the complexities of the industry.

“None of the current CRMs are really built to reach out to a doctor, get a signed prescription back into the CRM, and then automate the process from there so that we can resupply the customer and continue to check their insurance eligibility,” says Executive VP of Sales, Jesse Daniels. “But with Genesis, all of those processes are integrated and automated.”

This automation helps even small teams achieve impressive scale with their resupply operations, a win-win for providers as well as patients in search of convenient care. 

Integration with Convoso Enables Efficient Outreach and Communications at Scale

To achieve this automation and scale, the Genesis system actually relies on some help from Convoso.

Integrating with the new CRM via our open API, Genesis remains in communication with the Convoso platform and can help OHD contact leads or existing customers according to factors like priority, intent, and more. They can also leverage industry-leading speed to lead for their warmest leads that are ready to convert, or they opt to nurture the relationship over time and over multiple channels.

This streamlined communication process is at the core of a simplified patient experience. Rather than navigate numerous steps that can cause stress and stand in the way of necessary care, One Health Direct deploys patient advocates that guide patients through onboarding and help more easily facilitate their desired treatment—which will ultimately be delivered straight to their door.

Meanwhile, the HIPAA-compliant Genesis system automates aspects of patient education, qualification, admin, and fulfillment processes to take time-consuming tasks off the plates of doctors. By eliminating the burden of this administrative workload, providers can focus more of their efforts on what matters most.

Backed by One Health Direct’s highly trained and experienced team of professionals, the launch of Genesis offers a game-changing improvement to the way patients receive supplies and support for chronic illnesses. Learn more about this exciting new release by contacting One Health Direct today.

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