Increase Conversions with Better Outbound Call Flow Scripts

Increase Conversions with Better Outbound Call Flow Scripts

June 28, 2022 | Convoso

While going off script and getting candid may work for politicians and actors, the same can’t always be said for call center agents that stray from guided outbound sales scripts.

Still, ideally you’re able to strike the right balance with your call center scripts: Agents need enough guidance to maintain TCPA compliance while sticking to a tried-and-true approach that works. But many agents will also need a little leeway to connect with their customers and drive conversions. 

For many sales and lead gen teams, that’s where call flow scripts come in. Learn what separates these outbound call flows from the rigid call center scripts of old, how to create your own call flow scripts, and how today’s leading software can help you do it at scale and speed.

Call Flows vs. Call Scripts

In the parlance of today’s sales and lead gen world, “call flows” (or “call flow scripts”) and “call scripts” are often used interchangeably. However, when it comes down to it, there are clear differences between the two terms.

A call script is just like a script for an actor. It’s a set of specific words and phrases that you expect agents to follow word-for-word. 

Meanwhile, a call flow script prompts an agent with what they need to cover or accomplish in a given segment of a conversation. Think of a call flow as more of a guide or roadmap for a successful conversation, rather than an exact formula, that allows agents to rely on natural conversation instead of reciting a repetitive (and potentially robotic) routine.

Of course, in today’s highly regulated world of outbound calling, nearly every call flow will need to include certain items and disclosures that need to be read verbatim in order to support compliance. Thus, the lines between call flows and scripts have somewhat blurred.


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6 Tips to Create Call Flow Scripts that Convert

To optimize outbound call flows for your next campaigns, try these tips for creating and continuously improving scripts that will increase conversions.

  1. Start with some cold calling script best practices. As we’ve covered in a previous guide, there are some things business owners must take into account when crafting outbound call flows. Begin by trying to understand your customers’ biggest potential pain points and crafting a compelling introduction to match. With the intro and hook developed, start mapping out potential conversation pathways based on your customer saying “yes,” before moving on to the best ways to handle objections. Discover even more call center script best practices to kick your call flow process off right.
  2. Test things out. Don’t settle for just one version of your new call flow. Iterate to keep improving by creating A/B tests that measure the performance of one script against another. 
  3. Measure your progress. Leverage granular contact center reporting track your outbound KPIs and see how they may be affected by your script quality. Bad script pathing and wonky processes can interrupt the conversation and progress of the pitch. Accurate real-time reporting can help you detect scripting issues or other dampers on performance before they become a bigger problem.
  4. Implement effective QA. Listen in on live calls or review historical call recordings between your agents and leads through all parts of the sales cycle. Better yet, enlist the help of call center AI tools that can evaluate the effectiveness of agents on the phone for you. (And use that extra time to focus on the next script, or another important initiative.)
  5. Get feedback from your agents. Don’t just rely on hard data to judge how well your scripts are working. Solicit qualitative input from those who are most intimately familiar with your outbound call flow scripts: your agents. 
  6. Enlist the help of the latest scripting software. Use true dynamic scripting to streamline and automate the flow of the conversation based on personalized data.


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What is “Dynamic” Scripting?

“Dynamic” call center scripting capabilities differ from traditional call center scripts of the past because they auto-populate dynamic fields (like madlibs) within a script. Then, based on specific answers or a set of answers input within the script, it will prompt the agent to a new script or the next step in the call flow, all the way through to the end of the conversation. 

Dynamic scripting has the ability to push info directly into their CRM system, eliminating the manual process of having to go back and forth to input that same info. It can also pull in CRM data to deliver to personalize the call flow script.

However, if you survey dynamic scripting solutions, the truth is that many dialer software companies don’t truly offer dynamic scripting.

As ever, SaaS companies fill their messaging with their reliable buzzwords, and “dynamic” scripting seems to be one that notoriously falls short of what its true capability is. Just because they call it “dynamic” doesn’t mean you are getting the highest capability that technology can offer.

Adding the word “dynamic” is really just a user interface term, rather than a technological improvement over your current scripting capabilities. A facelift of your scripting UI can of course be a nice change. However, a change of scenery is not going to be the answer if your call center is having issues within your call flow capabilities, agent conversations, and lead conversions.

What Convoso offered us is dynamic scripting. It identifies where the consumer is and can pop a different script. Convoso says, ‘Oh, this is in California. I’m going to pop the purchase script in California. And I’m going to mention green energy .’  That was the main reason for trying and switching into Convoso.

Heather Griffin, Co-CEO & President, Colossus

Improve Call Flows with Truly Dynamic Scripting

Convoso dynamic scripting for call center agentsConvoso differentiates its scripting by allowing call center managers to power their entire operation through guided scripts. Powerful reporting capabilities give scripts the ability to collect data within them. This smart feature within our dynamic scripting allows call centers to inform their entire sales process using their outbound call flows. Admins use enhanced reporting capabilities to get insights into the success of each aspect of their agents’ conversations.

Plus, rather than spending excessive time juggling forms, lead info, reporting, and side data, agents can seamlessly input relevant data. This allows them to focus on every single call since their in-call needs are all powered within the script on their screens. Dynamic scripting makes life easier for the agents by streamlining and simplifying the sales process.

When outbound call centers use optimized scripting tools and strategies, they invariably see a boost to their ROI.

One of the cool things with Convoso is that, depending on where we’re getting the conversation going, we can tailor our script based on that source. So that allows our agents to be very flexible and to adapt their conversation to the consumer. The better we can adapt our communication with the consumers, the higher the chances that we can make a sale.

-Diego C., Call Center Operations Manager. Digital Market Media


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Simplify your training process

Dynamic capabilities within scripting are also highly beneficial when it comes to agent onboarding. Call centers cut training time and admin time by effectively placing all needed training materials within the scripts. New agents build knowledge and learn quickly by hands-on experience. Once they’re comfortable with the script, they’ll develop a rhythm with your autodialer.

We definitely provide our agents a full training on Convoso. And with this script in with the dynamic scripting. This allows not only our trainees but our current agents to easily follow the guidelines that are necessary for us to stay compliant.

-Diego C., Call Center Operations Manager. Digital Market Media

Setting up Convoso’s dynamic scripts is a straightforward drag-and-drop process. Visualize the flow of your agent’s conversations with a system that stresses ease of use. Admins should always be updating their scripts based on the insights of their most important metrics.

There is no such thing as a perfect script, but giving your operation the best possible system to script is as close as your business will get to perfection.



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