The Ultimate Guide to Using Call Center Dialer Software

The Ultimate Guide to Using Call Center Dialer Software

March 29, 2017 | Convoso

Believe it or not, merely 10 years ago, the process of lead generation required hours and hours of sifting through long lists of contacts and phone numbers (“lead lists”), and manually dialing out each call. The process was extremely tedious and often took an entire staff solely dedicated to placing these calls. This now archaic process often lead to stagnant ROIs, this due to the manual process that could yield zero successful contacts in a given day.

Thankfully, today’s technology has given us the ability to optimize our operational productivity and standards through the power of automated call center dialer software. The advent of automated outbound dialers have in turn resulted in drastic improvements in staff productivity and efficiency; allowing businesses to generate more leads and quality connections, both faster and cheaper.

While utilizing automated call center dialer software guarantees a boost in productivity versus older manual processes, it’s important that your operation is familiarized with the various types of dialing modes. This ensures your team is taking full advantage of a method that will help you optimize your organization’s available resources (i.e. employees, skill-set, time, lead lists, etc)…thus yielding the most optimal level of success and output. However, inaccurately using these dialing methods, without coordination with your staff, can lead to inefficient list burning and lackluster results. So knowing the right mode is just as important as the call center dialer software itself.

There are typically four types of dialing modes in outbound dialer software for you to choose from, and we’re here to give you the ins and outs of each. Importantly, this is how you can maximize the most of your resources to increase sales & productivity using a call center software with automated dialers.

Power Dialing

An automated Power dialing software is an inexpensive way to improve your call center operations. This form/mode of outbound dialer software will automatically place a call when detects an agent becomes available. However, its features are rather limited, and it will not skip over busy signals or unanswered calls to make the next call.

A power dialer differs from the rest of the dialers on this list as it utilizes a manually configured calls-to-agent ratio. Power dialing is dependant on agent’s availability within the system. As an agent becomes available on the system then the system automatically updates the dialing ratio.

Predictive Dialing

Predictive dialing works much the same way as you would when placing manual phone calls from a lead list. The system automatically calls each number following the same the sequence reflected in the lead list that has been uploaded. With over 30 years in use, predictive dialing is one of the oldest and most commonly used automated dialer modes.

A predictive dialer is an outbound automated dialing method that helps increase contact rates by allowing you to customize an increase or decrease the number of simultaneous outbound calls placed while also automatically adjusting the call volume based on changes in the dropped call percentage. A high dropped call percentage decreases the number of calls that will be placed by the call center dialer system.

Technological advancements have vastly improved the way predictive dialers work. As predictive dialers can detect busy signals, voicemails and numbers that have been disconnected. But the main reason for its moniker is that it can predict the correct time for an agent to make the next call– saving time and improving efficiency.

Predictive dialer software is ideal for telemarketers, for following up with customers, for debt collection, and other outbound sales and lead generation requirements.

How Predictive Dialers Work

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Preview Dialing

This Intelligent outbound dialing mode is a manual way for the agent to make calls. This mode will allow for the agent to pull up a customer’s record on their screen and requires the agent to click a button to place the call.  This method is used mostly to call businesses, because the agent wants to do a certain amount of research before they place the call.

This type of automated dialer software is useful for collections agencies, customer follow-ups and inside sales. A preview dialing system is the perfect system for a company that has an extremely thorough lead/customer vetting procedure. With the capability to prepare for a call, preview dialing is the perfect option for precision within your sales.

Progressive Dialing

An intuitive dialing method that gives your sales rep the ability to pull up customer records prior to placing a call. However, unlike the Preview Dialing mode, this mode will automatically make the call after a predefined number of seconds/minutes. This method gives your sales reps time to review the lead/prospect contact record before the system automatically places a call after a pre-defined amount of time set by the sales manager.

Progressive dialing allows your agents to have the same vetting of a preview dialer. However, it speeds up the vetting/preparation process by giving agents a given time period prior to a call. Which, is very useful for speeding up your hit rates and overall efficiency.

Choosing the right automated dialer option for your call center can help you do two things that every business desires: improve efficiency and cut down on expenses.

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