Compliance & Performance: How to stay ahead of company ending lawsuits and optimize your lead gen | Webinar

Introduction – 0:00

Webinar host Josh Friend, CEO of mortgage CRM solution provider Insellerate, kicks things off and introduces the topic of the day: how home loan industry sales teams can boost production with the right mortgage sales scripts and call center technology.

Understanding Call Blocking and Flagging – 4:05

Explore the causes of outbound call blocking and flagging as Nima Hakimi, CEO of Convoso, explains what’s causing your contact center’s calls to not get through.

Solutions to Avoid Call Blocking and Flagging – 6:50

Hakimi covers a range of ways that call centers can avoid call blocking, including implementing smarter dialing strategies and using caller ID management solutions.

Best Practices to Increase Contact Rates – 11:14

From smarter call cadences to real time reporting capabilities, there are number of best practices that mortgage industry call centers can implement in order to increase their contact rates. Nima Hakimi addresses some of them in this section of the webinar.

How to Maximize Your Sales Script – 13:42

Josh Friend explains how to create a winning mortgage sales script. Friend covers how to get agents to ask customers the right questions, how to leverage lead data, and much more.

About Insellerate – 25:35

Our panel discusses the potential of Insellerate’s call center technology before wrapping up the webinar by discussing key takeaways from the day’s discussion.

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